View Full Version : Dear GOD! We're all doomed!!!

4th November 02, 12:42 PM
(04 Nov 10:43) Phrack tells the guild, "what's the link to UE again?"
(04 Nov 10:43) Phrack tells the guild, "what's the link to UE again?"
(04 Nov 10:45) Colaiel tells the guild, "http://www.ecompweb.com/uempire/"
(04 Nov 10:52) Phrack tells the guild, "Mucus Grassyass "
(04 Nov 10:52) Shroomed tells the guild, "Oh lord. Phrack on UE..."

Empire Found: Ice Dojo (#2319)

Rank: 1400
Networth: 8,142
Land: 100

We're all doomed. Phrack is gonna own us all. :(

Nylite Skytear
4th November 02, 12:54 PM
he's a dictator, he's going to be a spy junkie

4th November 02, 12:59 PM
kinda funny cuz it looks like we are all spy junkies

4th November 02, 03:30 PM
Don't give me so much credit, I have no fucking clue what I'm doing, nor do I really have the time to invest in learning much. I'm just here to help out "the team".

4th November 02, 08:11 PM
well i didnt either phrack, until about a week or two after i started playing. now i have people beggin me to stop. check out the "potential target" post of mine. not a hard thing, just know what works and how it works

5th November 02, 12:37 AM
Its a simple game. I log on every day after work now and get done in less then 20 minutes. This way you get your free turns and enough of them at one time to actually do something. Also eats up less time your average dragon killing.

I'm also a fairly hardcore Civ/Romance/Ambition gamer so I get into this pretty good :D Thanks for you guys giving me the invite =P