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Sabore Wallace
4th November 02, 12:12 AM
1760, rank 534

Looks like this guy has way too much land for his spys, thinkin' he may be easy target for espionage (sp?) and stuff. But didn't have any turns left to spy him out. May be worth checking out if you're around that rank.

btw, I'm up to 517 now. :)

Sabore Wallace
4th November 02, 12:45 AM
Ok, waited for a turn and used it. HA HA HA, eat this guy up with spy ops if you want.

The status of your Empire as of 11/4/02

Empire Name Matt must go! (#1760) Tax Rate 15% Leadership Communism

Turns Available 6
Turns Taken 714
Turns Stored 0
Ranking 6?
Net Worth 180,376

Food 39,954
Oil 8,312
Population 35,638
Land 2,477
Per Capita Income $32.51

Cash $916
Taxes $173,789
Expenses $39,236
Food Production 843 bushels
Food Consumption 777 bushels

Expenses Breakdown
Military $13,266
Alliances $1,200
Territory $24,770

Land Distribution Military Forces Technology Ratings
Enterprise Zones 1300
Residences 323
Industrial Complexes 319
Military Bases 177
Research Labs 20
Farms 166
Oil Rigs 45
Patriot Missiles 14
Construction Sites 80
Unused Lands 33

Spies 3,453
Troops 8,002
Jets 8
Turrets 50,000
Tanks 12,132
Nuclear Missiles 1
Biochemical Missiles 0
Military Missiles 0
EMD Missiles 1

Military 1
Medical 0
Business 0
Residential 0
Agricultural 0
Warfare 2,326
Weapons 808
Industrial 0
Spy 1

This guy is in SAD shape to say the least, Bet ya can get huge hits of land and maybe some warfare tech. :/ Either that or if ya feel bad enough for him you can send a msg to him teaching him what to do. :)

I mean... GOOD LORD, 80 construction sites? And he uses em' all to build enterprise zones. :/

Nylite Skytear
4th November 02, 01:43 AM
tsk tsk, people are so bent up on missles its sad

Shorrtee McHeals
4th November 02, 05:37 AM
Look at that per capita income though. :)

Calmari Waverider
4th November 02, 10:11 PM
The free land machine is open for business...i got like 600 land courtesy of this guy...now i gotta build stuff