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3rd November 02, 02:42 PM
Have room for 2 of every kind of alliance. Ranked 433 right now and usually have a good 40k troops, 45k jets, and 30k tanks on hand at all times. Also have 19k spies with 103.04% effectiveness. Post here with your UE # and name so i know who you are when/if you send me an alliance offer

3rd November 02, 09:23 PM
Squidlandia (Calmari) and Juggernauts (me) might need an offensive/defensive alliance. Send me a message in game, I'm empire 2005 I think..heh

Sabore Wallace
3rd November 02, 11:50 PM

I have most alliances open

4th November 02, 12:07 AM
Sent u allieace offers on my Alt Death to Stinky Sabore

4th November 02, 08:48 AM

Have some open

4th November 02, 11:11 AM
yah i need alliances too
im up to 582 and it appears someone put a big red bullseye on my back =\

edit: forgot empire number .. 1885

4th November 02, 01:16 PM
need to know if you guys do alot of research, have a good military and defense, or if you guys do alot of spying

4th November 02, 01:29 PM
I could use some alliance fun as well. I'm currently weak on spies and tanks since I didn't know how badass they were in the beginning, but I sit at around 50k jets 35k troops and 15k tanks with only about 8k spies and 25k turrets. Numbers have been changed to beef up those ranks I'm lacking in though.

My techs are okay I guess. Working on getting my military and medical up as high as I can.

4th November 02, 01:54 PM
im at the point where ill be able to do whatever you want .. kinda just in the " finaly understand shit " stage.

4th November 02, 07:04 PM
My empire is called Dioxin. I currently have openings for all kinds of alliances. I'm in a defensive/research alliance with Gaerwing but that is it. I mostly build spies and tanks and buy turrets. I have about 200,000 turrets, 80,000 troops, 40,000 spies, 90,000 jets, and 50,000 tanks.

4th November 02, 08:06 PM
have 1 defensive alliance open now. would like someone above my rank to help when i move up. Oblivion Awaits (#1734) is me send me an offer