View Full Version : 1193 drowning fast

2nd November 02, 10:04 PM
his rank is 410, weak army, getting 1900 research per overrun using 30000/30000/30000 to invade.


Nylite Skytear
2nd November 02, 11:54 PM
ooooooo, 1900 is some nice tech :-D anyone know if theres a way to loose less tech when ur attacked, like something to put tech into so u loose less?

3rd November 02, 11:34 AM
this is what he has left after i cleaned up on him

Empire Found: United Island Organization (#1193)

Rank: 565
Networth: 141,931
Land: 34

started out getting 1200 tech but now its down to about 900. someone needs to finish him off

3rd November 02, 01:23 PM
Empire Found: United Island Organization (#1193)

Rank: 583
Networth: 122,710
Land: 14

Got him down to 14, was still getting in excess of 700 Tech...someone finish this guy :)

Calmari Waverider
3rd November 02, 02:32 PM
8 Land left....plz drive thru

3rd November 02, 02:34 PM
had 8 land left when i hit him twice and took 1 each time. 6 attacks will put him out definately

3rd November 02, 03:20 PM

Attention: The target empire United Island Organization (#1193) has already been destroyed.

3rd November 02, 10:58 PM
Yeah I threw some troops at him, left him with one land. Dunno who got the kill shot. =/