View Full Version : Finish off 270!

2nd November 02, 01:00 AM
This is one of the punks in the faction that attacked joe.

He's down to 900 land left, but he's got a semi-powerful army. I beat him down out of my own range, or I'd take him out of the picture my self.

He has 90k spies (don't bother trying a spy attack, with so little land left they'll be hard to get past.) 50k troops, 0 planes, 50k turrets, 42k tanks. And almost no tech left.

Not real intimidating anymore, but if given the chance, he may come back for more. He shouldn't get the chance!

2nd November 02, 01:06 AM
Your army overruns the defenses of Vader of AMD (#270)!
Your army lost 4082 Troops, 1828 Jets, 234 Tanks, and your enemy lost 1102 Troops, 1127 Turrets, 917 Tanks.
You captured 79 acres of land, $571 cash, 201 technology points, 863 bushels food, and killed 134 civilians.

2nd November 02, 01:25 AM
Nice :)

Also, i forgot to mention, you can get past his forces with a force equal to his, i.e. 50k / 0 / 50k, easily.