View Full Version : #1183 (1193?)

1st November 02, 08:49 PM
whichever number it is, one of this united geebs alts,

3 failed standard strikes with 500 of each losing 13 an attack and him losing about 1000 / 2500 / 600 to soften him up some then 9 successful standard strikes.. started off getting about 200 land / 5k tech per attack.. down to about 3500 / 80 land per attack..

Anyway, military = super weak for his rank / networth.. i was sending in 25k of each with about 70% readiness and getting through easily.

needless to say my SDI and medical tech is pretty decent now, hit 50k SDI :)

Anyway, he'll be coming down the ranks, feel free to hit him up for phat tech.

2nd November 02, 12:09 AM
He's a nice target for while he lasts.

2nd November 02, 01:50 AM
its 1194 :) I accadentally attacked 1184 :(

Anyhow, 1194 is almost gone now.

2nd November 02, 06:35 AM
nono.. #1193 is another one of stupid #1194's alt thingies.

Calmari Waverider
2nd November 02, 10:05 AM
just hit him twice...2500 tech a shot!