View Full Version : Why you look at rankings

1st November 02, 08:31 PM
For all the new guys on UE,

It is a good idea to look at you rank a coupla times a session. This allows you to see empires falling down the charts. Case in point Empire #919 was 3 above me in rank but only had 40 land. Using only 5000 troops, I took him down 7 attacks last night, 13 attacks today, Sabore finished him off. My next target is a guy with only 100 land ranked 410, usually this denotes that a guy is taking a whacking and is low on military and land and high on tech and cash. I was taking $700,000 and 700 tech from 919 at the beginning and $250,000 , 250 tech at the end.

Just look at the ranking boards and you may spot an empire on the fall to take advantage of.

1st November 02, 08:33 PM
i wish it would refresh constantly instead of like....every 20 minutes =/