View Full Version : Need some help with 900

1st November 02, 07:02 PM
This guy pummelled me pretty hard after I used up all my turns:\

1st November 02, 07:14 PM
Nevermind... this guy beat the hell out of me, took all my land and tech and is sitting comfortably at rank 36 now, lmao!!!!

I put him on the map

1st November 02, 07:40 PM
From Random (#900) an ally of 270:
I understand you speak for the n00b empire. Obviously you didn't realize that you are not the only group in the game. Vader (270) also has friends. And his firends will defend him. Now, it is true, that we could attack each member of the n00b empire, but then we would have to reduce the number of attacks against each person to 4 or 5. Since you seem to be the leader, the voice of the team, you are responsible for the actions of those under you. Therefor it has been desided you will bear the brunt of any retaliation for the attacks against Vader (#270). Goodbye.

My reply:
Bring it on buttercup!! That little love tap ya gave me will only put me down for a few hours! You just better be glad you're out of my range or I'd slap you around like your podunk friend Vader. He's a serious choad. Since you are out of my range, I'm forced to take my aggressions out on him. He didn't like his empire did he?

As for you, I'll be back soon enough, chump, us n00bs don't take this stuff on our backs!!

(in case ya haven't figured it out yet, this is a bit of roleplaying. I have nothing personal against Vader, it's just the stuff me and all my friends do. I must say, touche on your attack, but facts do remain, I'll get to ya somehow. Maybe not today, maybe not this weekend, but I will be back.

Vader will die though, for really real)

1st November 02, 08:39 PM
Joe, Im just under Noob3, and once i reach about 100, ill help out with any beatings needed. See ya in 2 days : -)

1st November 02, 08:42 PM
me too :)

just hit about 660k networth after my little rampage on #1193.. assuming he doesn't retaliate too heavily i should hit about 1mil in a couple of days :)

2nd November 02, 12:36 AM
Damn, joe. Thats my fault :(

I don't have a chance at hurting Random, but we can take 270 out of the picture!