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1st November 02, 05:33 PM
I sent 270 the message last night, he replied with:

Jesus Christ man, YOUR FRIEND ATTACKED ME FIRST! if he didn't want to be retaliated against he shouldn't have attacked me. i only attack those who provoke me to.

My reply to that:
You have been judged to not be fit to live, you and whomever you bring along for the ride, will be smacked down to the bottom of the rankings. We didn't outright kill you the first time because we attacked first. Retaliation will be your undoing.

His reply:
you have messed with the wrong person, or should I say PEOPLE!! as the leader of these "n00bs", you will hereby accept full responsibilty for your and your alliances' allies. Havew fun in hell. sincerely

My reply:
The n00b council has decided to destroy you for being an assclown. You judgement shall be swift and merciless. To prove our extensive network of influence, I suggest you look at the histories for empires: 1182, 1194, and 1334. We do not play games.

His reply:
ok fine, ill talk to this council. who is the leader?

1st November 02, 07:28 PM

Are we the new bullies on the block now or somethin?

1st November 02, 07:55 PM
To Vader after his friend Random (#900) hit me:

Am I supposed to be afriad of Random? He can't even hit me anymore.

See you next session, cause this session is over for you, Vader!

2nd November 02, 01:26 AM
omfg hahahahhaha