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1st November 02, 03:25 PM
I have enough oil to support ~12000 jets and tanks, and have about 5k jets and 3k tanks. Does this mean i can only support them for 1 attack/defend, and then i would be out of oil?

Hurricane Aegien
1st November 02, 03:31 PM
No, because if you have any oil refineries you'll recoup some of your losses.

(uhm, refineries? hehe or whatever they're called in UE. :()

Calmari Waverider
1st November 02, 05:06 PM
You dont burn any oil defending i dont think...only attacking. It doesnt seem like you use up that entire amount when you attack..seems like the number of tanks/jets you could support decreases with each attack, but not alot...depending on how many refineries you have.

So like...you attack and then you'd have enought to support 11k or something the next round...im not totally sure how it works. I do know one thing tho...stockpile your oil cause you will need it...you can never have too much.

Shorrtee McHeals
3rd November 02, 10:28 PM
Thats one reason why its good to spy someone out, then only attack with enough military force to get through. It wastes a lot of oil if you attack with 50,000 jets and 50,000 tanks, when you could have broke through their defenses with only 20,000 of each just as well.

Nylite Skytear
4th November 02, 12:41 AM
public market oil = G-d i attack with lots a lot, but that also depends on likely-hood of the counter

4th November 02, 02:21 AM
You do lose oil while defending btw.