View Full Version : 1194 attack now.

Valde Fandango
1st November 02, 02:09 PM
Just bombed him twice, hes weak go for him.

1st November 02, 02:24 PM
Your army overruns the defenses of United (#1194)!
Your army lost 1228 Troops, 982 Jets, 982 Tanks, and your enemy lost 196 Troops, 1501 Turrets, 918 Tanks.
You captured 67 acres of land, $4 cash, 2856 technology points, 212 bushels food, and killed 172 civilians.

I didn't have enought urns to do much. I was at like 48% readiness so he's a pushover for sure.

Let's kill em off and add a second Empire to the graveyard! :king:

Calmari Waverider
1st November 02, 04:42 PM
WOOT! Pulling in 1800 tech per shot!

1st November 02, 04:55 PM
Empire 1182 is next on the agenda

Calmari Waverider
1st November 02, 04:56 PM
holy shit...well im done....

I ended up with around 12k tech...im up to like 8.3k SDI, 2.1k weapon, 1.4k warfare, and 3k medical....those were the big winners.

Calmari Waverider
1st November 02, 09:52 PM
Well thanks to my latest round of attacks...im ranked 489!

2nd November 02, 02:09 AM
He's pretty done :p