View Full Version : GRR! WTF am I doing wrong! Need advice...

1st November 02, 02:08 AM
Ok I'm pretty new to UE and all but so far I am doing AWFUL...

I've been attacked 5 times and lose all 5 times, I've tried to attack 3 times and didn't succeed on any of them.

Can you guys please tell me what I am doing wrong? I'm gonna give you every little aspect of my empire...

*Keep in mind I have just been attacked and haven't rebuilt yet*

-Basic Crap-
Emipre Name - Murkon (#1966)
Tax Rate - 15%
Leadership - Fascism
Turns Avail - 17
Turns Taken - 285
Turns Stored - 0
Ranking - 627
Net Worth - 100711
Food - 10525
Oil - 6136
Population - 11968
Land - 1334
Per Capita Income - 25.08
Cash - 2293966
Taxes - 45024
Expenses - 23230
Food Production - 397 bushels
Food Consumption - 261 bushels

-Expenses Breakdown-
Military - 9890
Alliances - 0
Territory - 13340

Enterprise Zones - 92
Residences - 270
Industrial Complexes - 292
Military Bases - 333
Research labs - 92
Farms - 73
Oil Rigs - 109
Patriot Missiles - 28
Construction Sites - 41
Unused Lands - 4

Spies - 7893
Troops - 25347
Jets - 18121
Turrets - 18594
Tanks - 7857
I have no missiles of any kind...

-Tech Ratings-
Military - 57
Medical - 56
Business - 56
Residential - 56
Agricultural - 29
Warfare - 147
Weapons - 29
Industrial - 29
Spy - 29
SDI - 27

Ok so WTH am I doing wrong! How comes none of my attacks have worked? Why am I getting wooped up so badly?

Advice needed!

1st November 02, 02:14 AM
Your tech looks really low to me, only 29 weapons is to low, and with 147 warfare, the chance of you making a missile are also not good. From what i see so far, there is no point in researching acgricultural or residential. I could be wrong

1st November 02, 02:14 AM
Ok see somewhere I read that it was pointless for me to research because of tech points or something...

So I'm guessing they were wrong and I DO need to research on my own? What should I focus on?

1st November 02, 02:16 AM
Forgot to mention...at the top right of my screen is a green skull and bones and says "Deadly Disease Spreading"...

This can't be a good thing :confused:

1st November 02, 02:19 AM
hehe thats medical tech, other than that i dont know how else to get rid of diseases.

Valde Fandango
1st November 02, 02:53 AM
More industrial complexes than Military bases are better imo, need tanks!

1st November 02, 03:00 AM
Ok, you have over 2 million cash, and you're raking in about 20k per turn.

First thing, buy up some tanks. Keep 100k for construction.

That green skull you can't do much about in your current state, just take turns as normal, it'll go away eventually. (For future reference, your Medical Tech helps to determine how quickly the disease is cured.)

Unused Land - 4? Do some exploring. Exploring not only gets you more land, but you get money, and you build troops.tanks/etc as normal. Also, it brings in lots of civilians to counter act the disease thats spreading.

I would hold off on attacking people untill you have 25k+ of each unit type. Just build as you normally would.

Researching tech is not very efficent when you're new. Don't spend too many turns researching untill you have 500+ research buildings. Before then, read the boards, and watch for who we are spying on to get tech. Make sure you have plenty of spys, and follow our lead.

I find building two Construction sites per day is plenty. For a while you'll reach a plateu where your land intake isn't enough to justify more construction yards.

Personally, i can build about 30 buildings per turn, and thats plenty concidering the ammount of land I get from attacks. You should try to get to where you can make 20-25 per turn at your level. And make sure you get more in taxes per turn than you spend on building. If you're not, stop making Construction yards :p

Hope that helps :)