View Full Version : Could use a little help on 1660

1st November 02, 12:04 AM

Rank: 541
Networth: 145,181
Land: 1532

This guy started hitting me with some nukes....
Hit him a few times but only had 8 turns hehe.

Also wont be home till about sunday so dont wanna be killed by the time I get home.

So was wondering if anyone felt like beating on someone a lil bit feel free to bail me out.

and btw... he's Canadian!!! keel him.

But dont kill me cause im Canadian :(

1st November 02, 12:06 AM
i have an alt a little above that networth, could womp him a little for ya i guess :p

1st November 02, 12:14 AM
Thanks :D

1st November 02, 02:17 AM
What does everyone have against Canadians? :nono:

Anyone else notice what happens to empires named "United States" or anything along those lines...... seems scary and weird