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Sabore Wallace
31st October 02, 08:04 PM
Hey all, I'm still pretty new, signed up a couple days ago, but I'm up to 620 Rank or so.

My info is "Sabore Wallace" and number is 1973

"At my command, let hell loose"

Nylite Skytear
31st October 02, 10:50 PM
Sabore my best advice to u is produce maddddd tanks
troops suck compared to tanks :D

31st October 02, 10:52 PM
spies > tanks

Nylite Skytear
31st October 02, 10:54 PM
spies are l33t

1st November 02, 12:01 AM
Spies AND tanks...are nice. :)

Tanks can't be blown up, are pretty strong...just expensive and take long to produce.

Spies, as I'm sure Joe has shown...can help a bit. :-)

1st November 02, 12:12 AM
Spies are still > tanks

1st November 02, 04:33 AM
Infomation as ammunition.

Spies > *

1st November 02, 06:14 AM
You can't gain land with spies.

Tanks > Spies