View Full Version : DO NOT F with your tax rate!

31st October 02, 06:53 PM
Freaking Shroomed talked me into changin my tax rate, from 15 to 20% and like EVERYONE left.

Don't F with your tax rate. And F Shroomed.

31st October 02, 06:56 PM
Build more residences, it'll go back up soon enough.

31st October 02, 07:00 PM
i can't really see the point myself.

Build a lot of residences without changing your tax rate and you'll get more people and thus more money regardless.

or.. attack people.. or get more land somehow. wibble wibble.

31st October 02, 07:00 PM
i think its worse off if you do it when you have a high population than if you do it when its low. i only lost about 1k people when i did it a bit ago and i got that back by just exploring

31st October 02, 07:02 PM
but it doesn't matter. considering the fact that most attacks (including missiles) kill a percentage of your population, it doesn't really matter if you have craploads of people and low tax or hardly any people and high tax.

losing 3k people a turn for 5 turns makes absolutely zero difference if you're making approximately the same or more money per turn.

31st October 02, 07:09 PM
Ok, I need some quick revenue for tanks, so I raise my tax to 60% and I'm pulling in only 1.5 Million per turn now, but that buys 2500 tanks. I have over 100,000 people, and can afford to spend 10 turns, losing 30K people, but gaining 15 Million cash.

After it's all over, they come back at a rate of 900 per turn. Since I was at max residency anyway (0 people joining my empire per turn) I could afford to let some go, it's like I'm big business and just letting some employees go, I'll ramp back up before the Holidays:)

31st October 02, 07:11 PM
but how much money do you make in those turns when you set your taxe rate back down and are still waiting on all those people to return?

31st October 02, 07:26 PM
All I can say is, with a 15% tax rate, and 60k people, I would make about 6mil per 30 turns.

With a 23% tax rate, I dropped to 51k people, and made 11mil in 30 turns.

That's bad, how?

31st October 02, 07:27 PM
No, the numbers are not accurate, but still reflect the reality of what happened.

31st October 02, 07:36 PM
ok then. perhaps there is an optimal taxe rate depending on how much land you have, or something.

31st October 02, 07:38 PM
Might also be dependent somewhat on government type...

At least it would be in the real world :)

31st October 02, 07:45 PM
well, yeah, but seeing as 85% of the UE empires are communits :p ....

31st October 02, 07:56 PM
damn the reds :(

1st November 02, 02:53 AM
I lost like 2500 people TOTAL. You people didn't listen to how this dead cat did it =/

1st November 02, 10:25 AM
Okay I upped my tax rate from 15 to 25 and it took 27 turns to return to the same population rank i had with no populations losses and gains only.

It went

You lost 3000 people
You lost 2700 people
You lost 1500 people
blah blah

You lost 6 people
You lost 0 people
You gained 1 person

So somewhere in there the people eventually went fk it and came back. ONe of the guys that butchered me had a tax rate of 50%.