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Hurricane Aegien
31st October 02, 11:15 AM
Does anyone know this idiot? She's practically begging me for forum access.

My inclination is to tell her to fuck off at this point, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn't someone - someone knew.

Nylite Skytear
31st October 02, 11:16 AM
i have no idea who she is Aegien, alll new faces scare me on CTC :P

31st October 02, 11:44 AM
saw her in chat. think she is just someone who plays UE and is into it hardcore. reservations only, tell her to get

31st October 02, 12:01 PM
Is it a she for sure? I have a friend i sent an invite to whose last name is Jane. Ill ask him next i see him.

31st October 02, 02:10 PM
New members scare you eh?


Hurricane Aegien
31st October 02, 02:20 PM
Err, are you a CT EQ player? Or Former one?

Hurricane Aegien
31st October 02, 02:20 PM
Oh, nm looked at your PM, I added you because Stupid Ener invited you :(

31st October 02, 02:33 PM
Ask her what her empire numbers are

31st October 02, 02:47 PM
Bah to you... :(

31st October 02, 06:50 PM
Szeven = someone on CT don't it? .. not that i thought about it much but i was pretty sure there was someone called that at some point :p

31st October 02, 06:55 PM
i know of a warrior named zeven in game

imported_Solaris Flare
31st October 02, 09:04 PM
Szeven is cool

31st October 02, 09:24 PM
ah. see? he's assling death squad aproved. i didn't do bad. ha!