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31st October 02, 10:18 AM
October 31, 2002 3:00 am

- Fixed a bug that was causing people to crash when certain text was sent.

- Spell drops were updated in the first two tier Planes of Power zones.

- Classes with 61+ level spells from other expansions will find they no longer receive these spells as rewards for turning in scrolls in the Plane of Knowledge. Spells that can be purchased will no longer be given as rewards either.

- Updated several spells that classes should have been able to use but couldn't. Also removed a few no rent and no drop flags from some spells.

- Anizok Maximizing Device and Anizok Minimizing Device can now be recharged via class-6 manabattery.

- Anizok Gauze Press changed to have 20 charges, rechargeable via class-1 manabattery.

- Addressed issues with Thelin Poxbourne hedge maze event.

- The combination for Greasy Diamond of Innovation has been fixed.

- If you helped Grimror and are uncertain what to do next you may glean some knowledge through Identify.

- Technique of Master Wu should no longer give a "You can't hit them from here" message when using flying kick or eagle strike.

- Wembly in the Plane of Storms should be more willing to talk to people.

- Also note, the volume of information in the Bazaar window has increased with the new search feature added on the 25th. If you can't see the FIND button, you can stretch the window by clicking and dragging the lower right corner of the window.

31st October 02, 10:44 AM
argg! not mah gauze press!