View Full Version : 1334 has an ally.

31st October 02, 03:47 AM
Your spies have learned the following information:

Defensive Alliances:

Offensive Alliances:

Research Alliances:
Ninja Lords (#1323)

Intelligent Alliances:


I didn't know about Ninja Lords. We might want to do a bit of recon on him as well. Oh, and because this guy needs to die...

Your operatives have spreaded a deadly disease into pyramidX (#1334).

31st October 02, 04:20 AM
Oh, I guess I forgot to post that. :\

31st October 02, 04:49 AM
we already knew about the ally.

dunno if anyone has done any recon on him but who cares. unless he wants to die too.

31st October 02, 05:23 AM
Empire Found: Ninja Lords (#1323)

Rank: 622
Networth: 94,627
Land: 1040
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We have discovered the root of his evil. His ally is... CANADIAN!!! They must both be euthanized and their bodies burned before the infection can spready any further!

Nylite Skytear
31st October 02, 11:15 AM
this dude has no allies or nothing, how can he survive, well technically how is he going to survive when we wipe him out :D

31st October 02, 06:52 PM
he is not. he's gonna be stuck in a little concrete bunker in the middle of his empire with nowhere to go because the place is gonna be ground-zero... he'll eat his poop for a day or to then die. then i'ma go there and dance on his grave :tongue: