View Full Version : What Taxrates do some of you have?

31st October 02, 02:41 AM
I have mine at 35%, what do the rest of you have?

31st October 02, 03:09 AM

31st October 02, 05:38 AM

31st October 02, 08:58 AM

Give a decent per capita. Mostly because I have a large population base.

Calmari Waverider
31st October 02, 09:16 AM
20%...i have like 13.5k pop.

31st October 02, 10:24 AM

Nylite Skytear
31st October 02, 11:12 AM
17% has always came out ideal for me, but 35% holy shit!

31st October 02, 01:33 PM
22% at the moment. If you have high tax rate, your population is lower...and vice versa. If you get hit with bio chem stuff and have low population already...the more you lose, the more you hurt.

But you lose a lot more civilians if you have a lot of them too. Not sure how it works out, exactly...

31st October 02, 02:22 PM
My population pretty much stayed the same, I did some trickery to lessen the impact however. First I jacked it to 40%, spent a turn building Residential zones then bumped it down to 35% and built like 150 Residential. No population loss almost and my growth is on par with what I was gaining a turn before.

31st October 02, 03:18 PM
Yeah, thats about how I did it Nak. I'm at 40% tax, with 25k civilians or so. I had more but someone hit me with a plague yesterday.

Also, with a high tax rate if you get bio-bombed or bio-terror'd you can drop your tax rate and the people comming in will make up for the people dieing.

Oh, and I net about 190k per turn.

31st October 02, 03:55 PM
I raised my taxes to 20% and I'm clearing about 650K in cash per turn now. I think I'll raise it to about 30, maybe 35 and pullin close to a Mill per turn, then spend 10 turns stealing tech and buy a bajillion tanks:P

31st October 02, 05:16 PM
im running 30% right now. the pop loss was made up in about 5 turns i had lying around

31st October 02, 05:25 PM
Hehehe, I realized, no matter what your tax rate is, you still only lose about 3K people per turn, so I went and put my tax rate to 60%. I figure, if people are gonna leave my Empire over taxes at the same exact rate, I may as well bump it to maximum.

I'm pulling in 1.82 Million per turn, and losing 3K people per turn:)

31st October 02, 05:31 PM
I have mine at 20%

31st October 02, 06:15 PM
3k people per turn would destroy me, lol