View Full Version : my spies suck

30th October 02, 10:28 AM
i dunno why but my spies cant do jack. i have had 1 success in about 10 attempts and its pissing me off. what is wrong?

31st October 02, 08:53 AM
How many Spies you have, and how much Spy tech?

31st October 02, 11:41 AM
8441 spies 1076 spy tech, dunno whats up

1st November 02, 07:23 AM
That's only going to break through fools who don't build some spies. Get over 10k then start fiddling around. Most of us ar trolling around with 20-40k in spies.

1st November 02, 09:33 AM
moved production to 90% spies 10% troops

1st November 02, 12:31 PM
If you really wanna spy, set it to 100, and buy your troops ;>

1st November 02, 08:55 PM
what is more important that number of spies and spy tech is your ratio of spys to land. if you have heaps of spys and little land, your effectiveness will be good.. conversely the opposite is true.