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29th October 02, 09:36 AM
DL is being a pain in my butt...got a Biochem through my SDI. Anyone wants to try a few attacks on him, it wont hurt my feelings =)

29th October 02, 09:37 AM
Ohh and how do i get rid of that pesky Death head faster?

29th October 02, 09:54 AM
Well i worked him over...he is ripe for the picking if anyone around the 400 ranks want to nail him a few times...I got about 800 tech points every time i invaded.

Calmari Waverider
29th October 02, 10:00 AM
Medical research is spodda make the disease go away quicker

29th October 02, 11:20 AM
Just logged in to use my 2 turns to Biochem him back. Got through no problems.

Nylite Skytear
29th October 02, 05:17 PM
ooo 800 tech points, he's getting owned tonight

30th October 02, 09:39 AM
This guy still being a pain in the butt. I still get major tech when i break through, but he has an ally helping him now. Arcanum 1384 is giving me a whooping...anyone around his rank that can help, he is in the mid 100s

30th October 02, 09:25 PM

Check out #1416, ranked 600, he is giving up 600 research per loss, I got 4 off.

Your army overruns the defenses of DL (#1416)!
Your army lost 657 Troops, 657 Jets, 657 Tanks, and your enemy lost .
You captured 48 acres of land, $35,711 cash, 605 technology points, and killed 164 civilians.


Calmari Waverider
30th October 02, 10:58 PM
Tried to hit him tonight but my readiness sucks and im low on oil...working on getting more refineries online...will hit him tomorrow.

Nylite Skytear
31st October 02, 11:18 AM
just for ya to know, if he's in the 600's, thats partially my fault, me and dune pounded on him till we couldn't attack him anymore, i need a new land whore :(

Calmari Waverider
31st October 02, 12:11 PM
I beat up on him today...he's down to 785.