View Full Version : Evergreen (1182) United Land (1184) United (1194) Asian United (1198) ....

29th October 02, 06:12 AM
Evergreen (1182)
United Land (1184)
United Island Organization (1193)
United (1194)
Asian United (1198)

These guys are all the same person. I hit United Island Organization (1193) once, and all 5 of them retaliated. Either that or they are a close group of friends like us. Given the way they attack, the closeness of the Empire numbers and they way they work together, I bet it's one guy.

29th October 02, 02:28 PM
Report them. Someone reported that I had two accounts and they shut one off.

29th October 02, 02:46 PM
and the fact that the names are all the same, thats kinda BS if its the same person

30th October 02, 01:40 AM
Look at those registration numbers.... Real close together wouldn't you think? =P Probably just a matter of them looking at the logs and seeing if any IPs match.

30th October 02, 10:02 AM
Your operatives have spreaded a deadly disease into United Land (#1186).
Muhahahahah MUUU hahahahah

I also Owned him 3 times