View Full Version : Should we restrict access?

Hurricane Aegien
28th October 02, 09:39 PM
So that I have to add people that we know and want in?

Kinda weird having other people join up that we don't know. I mean, we're tenativly leaving ourselves open so that people can anticipate us nailing them.

28th October 02, 09:43 PM
yup! do it. restrict restrict restrict!

28th October 02, 09:48 PM
yes, plz now. strictly business aong friends here. no outsiders welcome

28th October 02, 10:08 PM
Yah, restricting = good. We dont need spies.

imported_Solaris Flare
28th October 02, 10:35 PM
Ya we should.

28th October 02, 11:04 PM
Yeah, just this section though, not the tavern and stuff :)

29th October 02, 06:22 AM
I say lock all the forums!!! Anyone wanting in must wear a Star of David or something.... ok, I'm done channeling Phleg... yeah, lock this forum only.

Calmari Waverider
29th October 02, 09:13 AM
Lock it up Aeg....it happened once someone surfing in on accident, could happen again.