View Full Version : My current empire status:

28th October 02, 06:35 PM
Enterprise Zones 383
Residences 567
Industrial Complexes 199
Military Bases 939
Research Labs 453
Farms 767
Oil Rigs 117
Patriot Missiles 88
Construction Sites 96
Unused Lands 104

Spies 27539
Troops 75569
Jets 38284
Turrets 29960
Tanks 28410
Nuclear Missiles 0
Biochemical Missiles 3
Military Missiles 1
EMD Missiles 3

Military 1927
Medical 4507
Business 2937
Residential 921
Agricultural 2299
Warfare 11312
Weapons 3141
Industrial 758
Spy 2058
SDI 7971

Now, my most recent plan is to build up more free land to build on, use most of it on:

1. Military Bases
2. Oil Rigs
3. Industrial Complexes
4. Research Labs

Then, I'm gonna be sinking most tech research into:

1. Spy
2. Business
3. Industrial
4. Warfare

Basically, I gotta start building a war machine soon. Most the money I build up will be buying troops and tanks and jets. I have a feeling that it's about to get really bumpy once I hit the high 100's in rankings, as proven by Ouden getting knocked below my Power Range.:beatup:

28th October 02, 06:45 PM
You don't need that many farms. I have way less than that.

Also, build WAY more industrial complexes. You won't need any oil fields if you don't have planes and tanks to fuel...

28th October 02, 07:00 PM
Hmmm, thanks for the suggestion. I'll make Industrial Complexes Number 2 on my list instead of 3.

Anyone else hae some advice to help me out?

28th October 02, 07:15 PM
Make industrial complexes and bases #1. Build complexes til your army balances out, and then build them in equal amounts.

Shorrtee McHeals
28th October 02, 07:17 PM
I bet you sell a shitload of food eh? hehe

28th October 02, 07:50 PM
whats the best way to sell food? public or private market?

28th October 02, 08:10 PM
Yes, I sell like 40K a pop every 3 days or so:P

28th October 02, 11:06 PM
As demonstrated by 1334, I think perhaps mostly tanks would be in order.

28th October 02, 11:42 PM
Cheating helps too

Shorrtee McHeals
29th October 02, 12:14 AM
Yea I try to keep a lot of tanks. I used to have like as many tanks as I did troops, but then I came into a lot of money and bought like 30,000 or 40,000 troops, and I couldnt buy that many tanks. :p