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Shorrtee McHeals
28th October 02, 07:28 AM

So I'm wondering which came first, Earth 2025 or UE. Its obvious they are the exact same fucking game. I bet Earth 2025 came first and then some no-talent Japanese ass clowns ripped it off and made UE. :)

28th October 02, 07:59 AM
Hihi, found another forum about UE!!

I am new here!! I have just tried out the game 2025, it's almost the same as UE, but I still prefer UE, I like to UE look.

Actually I don't care which is which, I just go for the better one. What you guys think?

28th October 02, 03:32 PM
mentioned this earlier...but I played earth a few years ago, so I'm thinking it came first since this one is still in 'beta' testing and stuff, not to mention grammar is horrible and the instructions/tutorials for earth are better in my opinion (not sure what they are like now though).

28th October 02, 04:09 PM
You have come to the wrong message board, jane :(

This is a board for people with antisocial behavioral disorders.

Hurricane Aegien
28th October 02, 09:37 PM
Uhm, I don't know how I feel about outsiders coming in :(.

Maybe we should like, make this by access only so like, we can continue the rapings and not have anyone know. :(

28th October 02, 09:43 PM
Jane, I'm sure you're a nice person, but run... run fast.... run far... don't look back, it could be hazardous to your health to hang out for very long. We're worse than the Tabacco Execs when it comes to being good for you.

28th October 02, 09:45 PM
take joen00b's avatar and mix it with aegien's and you have a very funny looking devil. oh wait thats xioxou, she is pretty mean

Shorrtee McHeals
8th November 02, 04:04 PM

Sabore Wallace
8th November 02, 08:05 PM
I believe ArchMage was one of the first, then a lot of ripoffs came after it. At least ArchMage is one of the oldest I can think of or have seen.