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27th October 02, 12:51 PM
From Duke (#1750) [sent on 10/27/02 9:53:29 PM]:

I will attack you full force today, you and your decrepid allies.

Be ready on will.

27th October 02, 12:53 PM
Saving up some turns if anyone wants to hit him later.

I have 4100 troops, 1800 Jets, 780 Tanks on my fall back empire, about 7k troops, 3k jets, and 1k tanks on my main one..

Calmari Waverider
27th October 02, 01:40 PM
He didn't send me another message...the last conventional attack i sent on him was 12k troops and about 8k jets and tanks and i was repelled.

If you want an alliance lemme know...dunno how much it will help, but e'ery lil bit helps.

Shorrtee McHeals
27th October 02, 02:54 PM
Whats he ranked?

27th October 02, 04:40 PM
Your army overruns the defenses of Duke (#1750)!
Your army lost 441 Troops, 441 Jets, 588 Tanks, and your enemy lost 191 Troops, 341 Turrets, 152 Tanks.
You captured 41 acres of land, $12 cash, 72 technology points, 1825 bushels food, and killed 41 civilians.

He's weak, I only sent in 15k or each unit type, and was a standard attack.

27th October 02, 08:11 PM
Yeah, an alliance sounds good, we're one of few people in our rank area.

Just used up most of my turns doing minimal damage to him.

Calmari Waverider
28th October 02, 09:05 AM
Sent alliance offer...spent my turns building up again...launched a couple spy runs and one conventional.

Your army overruns the defenses of Duke (#1750)!
Your army lost 481 Troops, 344 Jets, 335 Tanks, and your enemy lost 143 Troops, 253 Turrets, 112 Tanks.
You captured 35 acres of land, $12 cash, 68 technology points, 1746 bushels food, and killed 39 civilians.

that was with 17k troops, 12k jets, 12k tanks

Duke (#1750)

Turns Available 26
Turns Taken 420
Turns Stored 0
Ranking 723
Net Worth 42,052

Food 49.377
Oil 7
Population 5,571
Land 417
Per Capita Income $25.80

Cash $333
Taxes $28,746
Expenses 17,812
Food Production 287
Food Consumption 122

Military 6,442
Alliances 7,200
Territory 4,170

Enterprise Zones 34
Residences 62
Industrial Com67plexes
Military Bases 55
Research Labs 34
Farms 49
Oil Rigs 28
Patriot Missiles 29
Construction Sites 25
Unused Lands 34

Spies 5623
Troops 4909
Jets 2686
Turrets 8700
Tanks 3847
Nuclear Missiles 0
Biochemical Missiles 0
Military Missiles 1
EMD Missiles 3

Military 150
Medical 169
Business 137
Residential 119
Agricultural 98
Warfare 524
Weapons 194
Industrial 176
Spy 171
SDI 183

Dammit i wasted turns screwing around building up and he is a total pansy.

Calmari Waverider
28th October 02, 03:50 PM
With my alt, currently ranked even with him:

Your operatives destroyed the following missiles of Duke (#1750):
Emd Missile
Military Missile

He's ranked 729 now

Calmari Waverider
28th October 02, 03:54 PM
From Duke (#1750) [sent on 10/29/02 4:38:33 AM]:

Please stop attacking me, if you haven't noticed i have not attacked, spied or spoke to you or anybody else for the past couple of days, if you need someone to attack, attack 1133, he is good. Attack him or 1660 he is also kind of good, but please lay off the attacks for a while. please.

Thank you



28th October 02, 04:55 PM
Sounds like a coward to me, time for him to die :(

28th October 02, 04:58 PM
can i attack him? i dont have much and my tech sucks pretty bad but i would love to hurt the guy even more lol

Calmari Waverider
28th October 02, 05:00 PM
1133 is ranked #104...and i am thinking that this guy is allied with him...defensively at least. It kinda makes me not want to bother. I imagine that guy has 1-200k of troops and stuff...20% of that is not something i want to mess with at this level.

Calmari Waverider
28th October 02, 05:02 PM
Scratch that...here's the digs on his allies:

Defensive Alliances:
Fortress of Doom (#1839)
Leathal Industry (#1492)

Offensive Alliances:
ultimate sacrifice (#1727)

Research Alliances:
Leathal Industry (#1492)

Intelligent Alliances:

Go for it

28th October 02, 05:05 PM
i'm actually gonna wait until tomorrow to build up more turns before attacking.

Go ahead Phalron, the more the merrier.

Calmari Waverider
28th October 02, 05:09 PM
Your operatives assassinated 258 of Duke (#1750)'s spies.

Also stole 17 tech points...im outta turns on both empires.

28th October 02, 05:12 PM
I failed a spy operation, but then stole 13 tech points..

28th October 02, 05:14 PM
Calmari, Phalron and GOTO are interested in an alliance..where should we ally with them at? From your post above it looks like you can have 2 offensive allies for example.

Calmari Waverider
28th October 02, 09:52 PM
you can have 2 defensive and intelligence allies
you can have 3 offensive and research allies

i have one offensive, 2 research and 1 intell slots open on main (1890)

I have 2 defensive, 3 offensive, 2 research, and 1 intell slots open on alt (20440

29th October 02, 11:36 AM
Your army returns from Duke (#1750), unable to penetrate their defenses!
Your army lost 544 Troops, 544 Jets, 272 Tanks, and your enemy lost 209 Troops, 386 Turrets, 125 Tanks.

Calmari Waverider
29th October 02, 11:56 AM
My alt is primarily for espionage and research, and i have him allied with my main for those. If you guys want to add on offensive or defensive to him you are welcome to. He is ranked low 800s i belive, i dont plan on working him up the ranks alot...planing on using him to bolster my main's efforts and to sekrit agent crap

29th October 02, 02:15 PM
Holy shit, I should be attacking instead of wasting turns exploring rofl. I could whoop up on some of these peeps and Ive only been playin' a few days haha.

1st November 02, 04:37 PM
1750 built back up pretty fast. F bio terrorism missles.