View Full Version : regin (#625) MUST DIE.

27th October 02, 04:47 AM
This fucker has attacked me about 30 times in the past week, succeeding every time. Would much appreciate if some of you guys would lay into him for me.

27th October 02, 06:05 PM
Anyone attacked him?

27th October 02, 06:08 PM
what rank n stuff?

27th October 02, 06:45 PM
uhmms.. i'll have a look at him next. i'm kinda worried about retaliation from #1334 who has about 830k NW and 160-somethingK tanks :(

Nylite Skytear
27th October 02, 09:34 PM
wehn i get a few missles handy geeb i'll lay it on 1334 to assist ya =)

27th October 02, 09:36 PM
sweet Ny.. send in spy mission to burn his oil too btw.. i'm getting about 100k oil a mission atm but only sent 3... he has about 1200k oil left in reserve, i want to disable his tanks so i can not need to worry about retaliation in the form of standard / artillary bombardment attacks.. should only take about 15 - 20 more missions from pretty much anyone to reduce his tanks to almost useless.

Err.. Tanks is pretty much all he has left btw :)