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27th October 02, 02:36 AM
Turns Taken 499

Ranking 266
Net Worth 432,445
Food 90,922
Oil 88,188
Population 76,465
Land 3,789
Per Capita Income $23.49
Cash $291,743

Taxes $179,616
Expenses $98,428

Food Production 1,333 bushels
Food Consumption 1,668 bushels

Expenses Breakdown
Military $49,738
Alliances $10,800
Territory $37,890

Land Distribution :

Enterprise Zones 205
Residences 190
Industrial Complexes 708
Military Bases 744
Research Labs 447
Farms 262
Oil Rigs 262
Patriot Missiles 303
Construction Sites 100
Unused Lands 267

Spies 21,181
Troops 66,942
Jets 56,168
Turrets 121,225
Tanks 44,051

Nuclear Missiles 0
Biochemical Missiles 2
Military Missiles
EMD Missiles 4

Tech :

Military 512
Medical 1,146
Business 443
Residential 604
Agricultural 237
Warfare 4,006
Weapons 1,409
Industrial 1,001
Spy 1,660
SDI 2,520

OK.. this is me.

you more experienced geebs see anything lacking.. or that needs improvement.. or i should look at.. or whatever?

27th October 02, 04:16 AM
Dude, you're in my rankings, if you caught me, I have nothing to help ya with, cause you're doing just as well as me:)

27th October 02, 06:09 PM
i guess i meant like.. uh.. Ouden and stuff?

hell, up until just recently i had no idea military bases are for troops :\

Shorrtee McHeals
27th October 02, 07:14 PM
Doesnt look like you are really having money problems, but your per capita income is kinda low. :p

27th October 02, 07:48 PM
yeah, my tax rate is pretty durn low and i ignore those.. uh.. money-improving buildings for the most part.

i just have lots of people.. from what i've seen low tax rate, lots of people = more money than few people, high tax rate.

Shorrtee McHeals
28th October 02, 05:29 AM
Just more ppl to kill when they nuke ya :p

28th October 02, 06:32 AM
Enterprise Zones own you, Energeeb. If you build them, cash will come.

However! They are a poor substitute for having fucktons of people. I kept my taxrate at 15%, and it's still there, although now I am a commie pinko bastard.

I'll tell you what I tell everyone: Build build build until you run out of land or cash. Then explore your ASS off. When that stops panning out, you'll need to attack people, which brings me to the answer to the question you may be asking: Build what, fucking Derreck?

Build military bases and industrial zones out the ass. The more you have of these, the better.