View Full Version : Die!

25th October 02, 08:02 PM
alphaQup (#1517) is ripe for the pickin. He is ranked in the low 600s now. I think he wasted most of his forces counter-attacking me and I am outta turns so nail his ass and get some ez $$

Nylite Skytear
25th October 02, 08:02 PM
oooo perfect target for the alt :D i'll getr him in like an hour or 2 when i got some turns handy

25th October 02, 08:06 PM
Cool. He burned all his missiles on me as well as around 10K troops, 5K jets, and 3K tanks. I've dropped him about 100 rank points and he dropped me about 5 with his counter-attack :(

If he attacks you let me know and I will hammer his ass again tomorrow.

25th October 02, 11:09 PM
hey i could attack him when i get some turns, he is around my rank and would be a nice first attack. leme know if he is still alive in a bit

Hurricane Aegien
26th October 02, 02:52 AM
I bumped him down a bit tonight. he's a good resource.