View Full Version : Patch Message - October 25, 2002

25th October 02, 10:10 AM
October 25, 2002 3:00 am

- Added a toggle command for combat music called /combatmusic
- Sounds that fade out will just fade back in if restarted (instead of fading out and starting over as before). This should make combat mode toggling much more pleasant
- Added /mixahead command. You should only use this command if you are experiencing sounds skipping. The default value for this command is 8. Basically, this command tells the sound engine how far ahead to pre-mix your sound. The larger the number the further ahead it mixes. So if you are experiencing skipping, you may want to try increasing the mixahead value in small increments (increase it by 2 or 4 at a time). A setting of about 16 is probably as large as you should need, greater than that will cause your sounds to be noticeably delayed.

- Swarm and Reanimation-type pets no longer give exp when killed
- Swarm and Reanimation-type pets now properly credit their leader when they kill an NPC

- Fixed an issue with /raid that was causing some folks to crash
- Fixed a bug that was allowing players without Planes of Power to be invited to /raids

- Added minimum and maximum price search parameters for the Bazaar

- Fixed a stability issue on the servers