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25th October 02, 12:11 AM
K I've been getting payback to a few people who used me for toilet paper in my early stages and I've been targetted.

I've been hit probably 40 times in the past 12 hours and I'm barely holding my own thanks to an alliance i had. He got slaughtered.

Right now

Orska 1552 and Kaiville 1612 have been raiding me off and on. Nothing big but

Velox Letum 1543 just opened a keg of whupass on me and is trashin me hardcore.

Any help is appreciated. I'm Ratskeller 1646.

Nylite Skytear
25th October 02, 01:07 AM
Kaiville sent me a message, said he was a CTC poster???

25th October 02, 10:19 AM
Not sure but I got 1 defense ally last night that basically laid the smack down on one of the attacks and then another this morning so I'm gtg.

I still have allies slots open for attack and such. I'm at the level of 60k troops 30k jets, 15000 turrets (was 45), and 10k tanks.

If thats about your level feel free to send an ally message and ill hook ya up. I also have a defense spot open since the other guy quit. He got knocked down to like 10 slots of land.