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24th October 02, 10:18 PM

Hurricane Aegien
24th October 02, 10:30 PM
What's the demand for this? Speak up if you think it would actually be worth while.

24th October 02, 10:33 PM
Agree !!

24th October 02, 10:41 PM
uhm.. i don't really care either way. i guess if people who read the main board don't like a big UE thread being bumped to the top all the time it'd be worth it. doesn't bother me though.

24th October 02, 10:44 PM
i agree

Valde Fandango
24th October 02, 10:46 PM
I think there should be one, too much bs about UE and not enough BS about random shit.

24th October 02, 10:53 PM
Sure, our thread is getting huge, an area would be nice:)

24th October 02, 10:53 PM
Seems to me the current post count raiser thread is actually the UE thread. It deserves it own section i think.

Shorrtee McHeals
24th October 02, 11:06 PM
UE section would be cool.

imported_Solaris Flare
24th October 02, 11:38 PM