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24th October 02, 03:37 PM
Here is a new quest that takes place in the plane of knowledge and results in the
"faction" amulet for the expansion =)

Starts with a nice little halfling named Willamina gazing at a tree in PoK

[Tue Oct 22 04:01:08 2002] Willamina says 'The city is full of curious people all searching for something. Many have struggled for a long time to find their reward. Some are not even aware of what is it they are looking for, but will know it when they see it. Would you care to [help] me out? It will only take a moment.'

[Tue Oct 22 04:01:11 2002] You say, 'I will help you'

[Tue Oct 22 04:01:11 2002] Willamina says 'How wonderful! To pass the time I enjoy sitting under the trees and sewing together luscious fabrics. But now it seems my old sewing needles have all broke or gone dull, and I require a new supply. Bolcen Tendag has promised to purchase and deliver some for me, but he has not yet arrived and I worry about him. If you could locate him and ask him

hike it over to Bolcen (in the Good part of town) he's in the building that leads to the archway to the lilbrary

[Tue Oct 22 04:12:23 2002] You say, 'I have come for the needles'

[Tue Oct 22 04:12:23 2002] Bolcen Tendag says 'I feel just terrible that I haven't been to see Willamina yet. Due to my illness I barely have the energy to stand. If you could aid me in some way, I would greatly appreciate it. Mirao Frostpouch might have an elixir that would help me feel better. Please seek him out and ask for it.'

Hike further on to Mirao in the neutral part of town

[Tue Oct 22 04:18:34 2002] You say, 'I have come for the elixir'

[Tue Oct 22 04:18:34 2002] Mirao Frostpouch says 'That poor lad, he's always catching ill this time of year. Unfortunately I am out of the medicine he needs right now. Perhaps if you could obtain the key ingredient I am missing, I could brew up a batch for you to take to him. I have heard Cador recently came into possession of some black lava powder. If you can convince him to give you some, bring it to me right away!'

Hike onwards to Cador's place in the good part of town. near plane of tranquility zone

[Tue Oct 22 04:23:18 2002] You say, 'do you have any black lava powder?'

[Tue Oct 22 04:23:18 2002] Oracle Cador says 'You are most astute. I do have a stock of black lava powder with me, but I will only share it with those who prove themselves worthy. Onirelin Gali is currently in possession of an artifact I need to better commune with the spirits. Please recover it for me.'

Well... next task..... go to onirelin in the not so good part of town

[Tue Oct 22 04:27:31 2002] You say, 'I have come for the artifact'

[Tue Oct 22 04:27:32 2002] Onirelin Gali pauses for a moment and continues, 'I am aware of that which Cador desires. Be wary of his ways for they are not always as they appear. Nevertheless, if he thinks this artifact will bring him greater peace, he may have it for a price. Certainly I have no use for it but what do I get in return? I'll tell you. Narik and I used to be good friends, until he became jealous of my relationship with his former companion Elisha. During our fight, he marched off with one of my finest jewels, and I believe still has it. Find him and ask for my jewel back. If you bring it to me, Cador may get want he wants as well.'

Then back over to the neutral part of town to Arch Mage Narik

[Tue Oct 22 04:33:07 2002] You say, 'I have come for the jewel'

[Tue Oct 22 04:33:07 2002] Arch Mage Narik slams his book shut. 'So, the snake has legs after all! Tell Onirelin if he wants this back, he can come here himself and kiss my. . ., no wait. I have a better idea.' He draws closer and whispers, 'Did Onirelin tell you why I took this jewel? I did it in response to him taking my lady love, Elisha Dirtyshoes. We were to be married until she ran off with him. However, she also ran off with my engagement ring I gave to her. It is quite valuable to me, and I would be most happy to have it back. If you can procure it from her, I'll give Onirelin his jewel back. He's suffered long enough, I think.'

My feet are getting tired - Go to Elisha in the inner ring

[Tue Oct 22 04:37:28 2002] You say, 'can I have the ring'

[Tue Oct 22 04:37:28 2002] Elisha Dirtyshoes sighs and says, 'Tis a painful memory, for sure. My love for Narik fell once I met Onirelin, but my love for him was not reciprocated. Now I am left with no one to share my life, with only this ring as a reminder. Narik may have it back if he desires it, but then I shall be left truly alone. Boiron Ston once held a door open for me, such a handsome dwarf he is. If he could only find more time to spend with me, giving up this ring would be no problem at all. Do you think he likes me? Could you ask him and find out?'

Shoot me please: off to find the dorf - he's a merchant in the inner ring....

[Tue Oct 22 04:40:46 2002] You say, 'do you like elisha dirtyshoes?'

[Tue Oct 22 04:40:47 2002] Boiron Ston says 'Aye, she's a pretty lass. And I am aware of her feelings toward me. I haven't had the courage to approach her though. My family standard has recently disappeared, and no dwarf is the same when their standard is in jeopardy. Seek out Caden Zharik and demand my standard back, I believe he may have lifted it from me.'

Arrrgh.. where did I sign up to be the local constable....the dang gnome is up in the inner ring outsideon a ledge..

[Tue Oct 22 04:46:35 2002] You say, 'I have come for the standard'

[Tue Oct 22 04:46:35 2002] Caden Zharik turns white with fear. 'Ah, so he sent you to rough me up, did he? Fine, but you should know you couldn't hurt me any worse than Agrakath Theric would! I'm in a bit of trouble you see, I owe Agrakath some money I haven't got. So I stole the standard to pay him off. If you could please find him and have him somehow erase my debt, I would gladly give the standard back.'

LOAN SHARKS?!?!.... fine... just... need to please halfling...

[Tue Oct 22 04:52:13 2002] You say, 'I have come to erase the debt'

[Tue Oct 22 04:52:13 2002] Agrakath Theric grins and says, 'So, that weasel Caden has sent you to settle his debt? And you actually agreed to this endeavor? Ha ha, very well! I shall transfer the responsibility of what Caden owes me to your shoulders. I have a simple job for you. Somewhere in the library there lies a book I have been searching for, but it has eluded me for quite some time. I believe it can be found somewhere in the upper levels. You are to venture into Myrist and seek out a tome titled History of Evils: The Age of Scale, and bring it to me. Do this one task for me and your debt shall be relinquished.'

Ok... one book.... in a library. Took me a bit to find it - but it's on the bottom shelf located at neg 100 pos 1000 (it's about a 30 minute respawn give or take)

turn the book back into the loan shark..... then retrace your steps..

[Tue Oct 22 05:07:17 2002] Agrakath Theric eyes go wide with surprise as you hand over the book. 'Very impressive for one of your abilities. Here, take this note to Caden. He is absolved of his debt to me at this time.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:07:17 2002] You gain party experience!!


[Tue Oct 22 05:16:20 2002] Caden Zharik eyes go wide with relief. 'Oh thank you thank you! Here, take the standard. And do apologize to Boiron for me. It shall never happen again. Again, thank you!'

[Tue Oct 22 05:16:20 2002] You gain party experience!!


[Tue Oct 22 05:18:40 2002] Boiron Ston seems to perk up. 'Ah, 'tis a beauty, is it not? I thank you for its safe return. Perhaps I shall go and visit Elisha after all. Please take this letter to her, so she may be ready for me when I arrive.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:18:40 2002] You gain party experience!!


[Tue Oct 22 05:19:28 2002] Elisha Dirtyshoes reads the letter and says, 'Oh happy day! Boiron will be visiting me soon. You may take Narik's ring back to him now. If you'll excuse me, I have some cleaning up to do.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:19:28 2002] You gain party experience!!


[Tue Oct 22 05:22:08 2002] Arch Mage Narik says 'This is truly excellent. You have done well recovering this for me. You may take Onirelin's jewel and also tell him never to set foot near me again. Leave me now, I have much work to do.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:22:08 2002] You gain party experience!!


[Tue Oct 22 05:23:21 2002] Onirelin Gali says 'How did you get this away from Narik? Oh never mind, I'm just happy to have it back. I shall give you what Cador desires now, keep it secure and deliver it to him.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:23:21 2002] You gain party experience!!

[Tue Oct 22 05:28:13 2002] Oracle Cador says 'The spirits are restful now that this piece of legend is in safe hands. You may take this to Mirao for whatever purpose he desires it for. May your vision always be clear!'

[Tue Oct 22 05:28:13 2002] You gain party experience!!


[Tue Oct 22 05:29:29 2002] Mirao Frostpouch takes the powder and quickly dashes it into a boiling cauldron. He then stirs it and pours the concoction into a small bottle. 'Here you go, this should make poor Bolcen feel much better. Hurry now, he's waiting.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:29:29 2002] You gain party experience!!


[Tue Oct 22 05:33:00 2002] Bolcen Tendag says 'Oh thank you so much.' He drinks from the bottle, then reaches in his pocket and produces a set of needles. 'I believe this is what Willamina is in need of. Please take these to her and give her my best.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:33:00 2002] You gain party experience!!

And Lastly.......

[Tue Oct 22 05:34:37 2002] Willamina takes the needles and smiles. 'Thank you so much, kind stranger. I can't tell you how much you have really helped by doing this for me. It's funny, you know. The entire city seems to be in a happier mood today. I can't quite put my finger on it, but everyone seems to have uplifted spirits. Oh well, thank you again. I have something you may find to be of use to you, if you would be interested. Remember, knowledge is the key to life.'

[Tue Oct 22 05:34:37 2002] You gain party experience!!

Receive Planar Traveller's Manual

24th October 02, 03:38 PM
ok after a lot of begging from tracker friends I found all the locs of the turn in people and the book. First off the book spawns on the second to top floor of the library on the palidan level on the bookshelf that Sir Geravaldi is facing in the lower right.

the turn in NPCs are as follows

Willamia- n426, 1143
Blosen- 683, 949
mirao- n95, n210
cador- 630, 110
Onirelin- n650, 1045
narik- 410, 80
elisha- 390, 935
boiron- 35, 324
caden- n350, 760
Agrakath- n560, 1210