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24th October 02, 01:08 PM
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To avoid confusion with the other thread on spells this will be the one that deals with all the pages that are scattered out in POP. If you find one please post location and number found. Here are the facts so far,

In the plane of Knowledge is an elevator that goes to the tippity top. Up there is Councilman Srethix, you cant miss him he's the iksar with the necro epic. Ask him, " what rare tomes" and he will describe how his assistant, the troll sk near him, cannot find a tome of dark power. He asks you to retrieve it. The Dark Tome is found in the Library on a book shelf in the Plane of Knowledge, respawn time is unknown at the moment. After giving it back to him he will ask you to take it to Elder Tal Almed in PoT. Almed will unlock it and to his suprise pages are missing. Kyor posted that he identified it and found out that pages 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19 are missing.

I know someone found page 13, if they read this let us know where it dropped.

Page 19 was found on a mob in Plane of Inovation.

SO lets find somemore and see what this unfolds for the necromancer class. Councilman Srethix says that if we do this quest he has more work for us. Would be nice if this was the start of epic 2.0 .


so far someone had found all the pages one of two planes seem to drop them.

Plane of Innovation

Plane of Nightmare

Between PoI and Pon that is all 8 pages.

Rewards already have received.

Cloak of the Wise. AC7 7sta/cha/wis/int 45hp/mana. 0.8 wgt. all/all. Tradeable

Most people think not best cloak in game. /shrug looks pretty nice to me.