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24th October 02, 03:45 AM
Note about character 'flags' and other Planes of Power things

This is going to be hard to explain without spoiling anything, but I'll see what I can do.

There are several places in the Planes of Power where you will need a raid' force to complete a task. In those cases it is important to actually use the Raids feature. The flag' that is given to characters for completing these kinds of tasks is only given to members of the raid.

As for those flags, you will be told when you have accomplished a task. But if you forget exactly what you've done there is a sage in the Plane of Knowledge that can divine your past and will tell you what important events you've accomplished, even if you can't remember them. Maybe getting hit on the head less often would help your memory... :)

Lastly, there are a few areas in the planes where a character can find themselves alone and unable to proceed. A byproduct of group-specific encounters is that it is possible for a character to miss the end of the encounter (going link-dead, for example) and be left behind when his companions complete the task and are moved out of the encounter area. If the character is incapable of some form of teleportation he might be stuck. There are several items that non-gating characters can obtain before entering these areas, and doing so might be a good idea.