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Hurricane Aegien
23rd October 02, 05:04 PM
I didn't want to get all fucking militant about signatures, but this shit is getting stupid. Leita apparently think's it's cute despite several complaints about his sig and being asked not to use it to go against any suggestions, you want rules, I'll give you them.

Signatures *pictures* in the Tavern please follow these guidelines;

* No larger than 25K (25,000 bytes) in size.

* Dimensions will be no greater than 400 PIXELS wide, by 100 PIXELS tall. (And I feel that I'm being generous about this)

How do you know if your sig is too big? Right click on it, go to properties, if you're over then you'll know it. Here is an example of a sig that is acceptible;


Here is an example of a sig that is not;


Please try to police yourself and not post your signature file more than once a thread! Whereas you may think everyone cares about you or your friends l33t Photoshop skills, we don't, and furthermore most of them are just outright obnoxious.

Any signatures that violate these policies will be removed by a admin/moderator, any that continue to violate these policies after being warned will be fed to Burgers and have their sig replaced with this http://home.attbi.com/~keiran/rs1.jpg.

Bare in mind, this is CTC, your signatures do not define you here, your posts do.

Shorrtee McHeals
23rd October 02, 05:17 PM
haha, well said Aegien. :)

23rd October 02, 06:28 PM
its bear not bare. =)

23rd October 02, 11:15 PM
Do what you think is best Aegien. Im sure you got the right ideas for CTC.

24th October 02, 09:19 AM
Maybe i just dont understand but isnt leita's 400x100 and under the 25000?? If not can you tell me what to look for

Maldisdain Atheist
24th October 02, 09:40 AM

I can't read!

F Bild!

Saoshen Sih`ja`Tgzu
24th October 02, 11:45 AM
I find it curious that Sig's would be moderated when the forum is pretty much isnt.

Anyway, there should be a PER PERSON option to display sigs, then you can turn off other ppl sigs if you dont want to see them.


1st November 02, 12:38 AM
i thought there was one.

6th November 02, 05:06 AM
Please, is there a single person here that wouldn't turn off EVERYONE else's sigs except their own, and at the same time secretly hope that everyone hasn't turned off theirs?