View Full Version : Feign Death fix not mentioned in the patch message

21st October 02, 02:42 PM
Feign Death fix not mentioned in the patch message
There was a problem with feign death when used against certain aggressive NPCs, such as undead. We fixed that problem with this patch and feign death should be working properly against all NPC types.


This has been a notorious problem my necro.

Shorrtee McHeals
21st October 02, 08:57 PM
I wish they would change FD back the way it used to be. If you had old human models on, you would go straight from feigned to standing after you hit the stand button. Now, you go to a sitting position first, then standing. I could never play my monk after they did that, it sucks balls.

22nd October 02, 01:05 AM
Problem I ran into is with my necro. I would have mob Screaming Terror mez and then I would go FD befre mez broke. Well when mez broke the mob would bee-line me and beat me to death while I was in successful FD. It also happens with summon mob. I wanted to ask the developer if they looked into summon mob side as well.