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21st October 02, 12:06 PM
Gonna get one of my old pics from gamespy transfered to here...

21st October 02, 12:07 PM
Wrong pic :(

21st October 02, 02:09 PM
Wrong folder....

21st October 02, 08:16 PM
my own new sig test *crosses fingers and prays*

21st October 02, 08:29 PM
finally after a lot of fugging around I figured it out! yay!

22nd October 02, 05:45 AM
You fuckers, don't test your sigs here. And if you do, delete them! DAMMIT! I'm killing this thread tomorrow!

22nd October 02, 07:17 AM
Kill it now! Death to sig-test threads!!

-=maniacal laughter=-

Doctor Gonzo
22nd October 02, 07:34 AM
Kill the body and the head will die kiko!

I'm going to need a number 5 scapel, err scapile, mmm scapale .... a number five knife

A bottle of scotch

Some cigarettes

And a cup of warm milk if we're to have any hope of saving this thread.


22nd October 02, 07:36 AM
Nah, let it die. Better that we go save the patients in the Hospital thread.

I'll bring some ziplock bodybags and large tupperware!

Doctor Gonzo
22nd October 02, 07:42 AM
OH the humanity!

Actually i have too run love, I can run for miles and miles and miles err nevermind.

Hospital attention tomorrow morning when I recount my activities of the previous night involving drugs, drink and a orge hooker named "zuzu"!

Doc (check yer pms lass)

23rd October 02, 04:01 AM
I can't possibly delete this now, it's got too much flava. :(