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19th October 02, 12:24 PM
Now that VI had added all the Planes (http://everquest.station.sony.com/power/planes.jsp) to the Planes of Power website. From reading the list of planes which planes you think would be most enjoyable?

Shorrtee McHeals
19th October 02, 08:41 PM
The Plane of Nightmares and the Plane of Torment sound cool. Would probably visit them if I still played. :p

Diggler McFeely
19th October 02, 08:48 PM
All the zones? It says it's just a sample. :(

Here is a sampling of new zones for the Planes of Power.

But, out of the ones listed, the tranquil one seems peaceful and relaxing.

20th October 02, 12:54 PM
Plane of Give me your Credit Card info