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19th October 02, 10:01 AM

Upcoming changes to Slay Undead

Currently at 60, the Slay Undead paladin has certainly invested a great deal of points into the power given by slay undead. This is a large and meaningful advantage for the paladin, in that it brings him up greatly in situational damage with absolutely no downside. There is nothing inherently wrong with that.

The issue is that there are no amount of AAs the warrior can buy to also raise his situational damage by such a large amount. This means that before AA, the paladin is always producing somewhat less damage than a warrior; and after AA the paladin is sometimes producing as much damage as a warrior at 60th level. This problem grows more noticeably in margin post 60 and becomes an increasing issue in Planes of Power.

We've intentionally tried to add more undead creatures to give classes with situational advantages a place to use them. We want people to be able to make use of their anti-undead spell lines, their anti-summoned spells, and of course any specialty AAs. However, the amount of gain given by Slay Undead is too good to have no downside associated with it. Classes need to stay in relative balance with roughly equal AA expenditures.

We like the idea of this ability from a roleplaying and a gameplay standpoint. But it needs to be altered to make it more balanced. So we'll be making a change to Slay Undead and refunding the points for this AA ability on Monday.

NOTE: We've also changed the way that the refund works. Unspent AA points over 30 will only be deleted when you first zone after the patch. So you will have time to spend these points after you log in but before you zone.

We will be changing Slay Undead in two ways.

The ability will now be activated by a button. You will be able to turn it on and off as you see fit. The drawback is that using this ability requires the attention and intense focus of the Paladin. His intensity leaves him vulnerable to attacks, while inspiring the undead to greater strength. Strikes made against the Paladin using Slay Undead will do more damage than they usually do. Obviously this amount will vary dependent on all the factors that can affect combat (level, equipment and such), but we expect the amount of damage increase to be something near 15%.

We wanted to let you know before the change goes Live on Monday.

20th October 02, 12:54 PM
update: castersrealm.com

they arent putting this in yet cause all the pallies started to whine

21st October 02, 11:54 AM
Slay Undead to Remain the Same

Rich Waters dropped by the Paladins of Norrath webboard to comment on the Slay Undead Spell:
Over the last day, we've received a great deal of feedback and concern over the proposed Slay Undead change. We've put a lot of thought into the issue, and decided to hold off making any changes to Slay Undead for the foreseeable future.
Slay Undead will continue to work in exactly the same way, and deal the same damage it does on live servers currently, and remain at that balance through level 65. Damage caused by Slay Undead won't increase post-60, though Paladin melee damage in general will continue to rise as you level up. There will be no defense penalty imposed while using this skill.

We'd like to apologize for any undue frustration this has caused you, and we appreciate the feedback that was sent in. This change was well-intentioned, but we realized we were focusing too much on the potential of the top 5% of Paladins, and while the solution was reasonable for that sub-group, it wasn't appropriate to apply across the board.

Thanks for your patience,

Rich Waters
Lead Designer, EverQuest