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18th October 02, 03:01 PM
the mss dll file is installed in the windows or windows directory- it must be installed in the application directory
The mss32.dll file cannot start. Check the fire to determine the promblem.

What does this mean? I uninstalled and reinstalled EQ today. but now I can't get in.. I keep getting this message... what does it mean?


18th October 02, 03:18 PM
nevermind.. I figured it out

18th October 02, 04:07 PM
uhm So what was it? Now it like an unanswered tech problem.

18th October 02, 04:46 PM
for some odd reason when I reinstalled Velious.. it installed it in my windows directory.... and never prompted me to put it in my EQ directory.. very odd, and no matter what I did it kept doing it. So I copy and pasted