View Full Version : Upcoming Change to player character corpse timer After 10-16 patch

18th October 02, 02:20 PM
Upcoming Change to player character corpse timer

Due to an increasing number of 'corpse spammers', we will be reducing the time that an empty player character corpse will remain in the world. Empty PC corpses will disappear after three real life hours. This starts after the patch on October 16th, so it's a good idea to deal with any resurrections you wish for those corpses before the patch.


19th October 02, 11:49 AM
How does one get a rez if they have already looted the corpse completely. The patch messages refers to "empty corpses". Once you loot everything, the corpse poofs anyhow. If you leave one item on the corpse, it's not empty. Are they only referring to newb corpses with newb food and water on them?

19th October 02, 11:59 AM
People that do corpse art. They really can't just leave one coin or other item on corpse.

You know the one with the ogre circle just outside the Bazaar in the Nexus that was there for a week. It's to stop stuff like that.

20th October 02, 01:39 PM
Radiation is ruined now :(