View Full Version : Paineel Teleporter broken

18th October 02, 11:01 AM
So, I get a /tell in Paineel, from someone asking
me if I can teleport. "You're looking for a wizard,
I'm a magician."
Short story long, the person had inadvertently
ended up in some tower overlooking The Hole, and
couldn't get out.

Being from Erudin it took me quite some time to
join up with him. Luckily, he'd paid some attention
and was able to give me reasonable indications of
how he ended up in the tower.

So I pop into the tower, too. I look around seeing
if there's something to click on, a la Jagged Pine.

Negative. So then, I check his level, and I tell
him that at his level, death doesn't "hurt" and
that I can duel him and destroy him.

He agrees, I nuke him, problem solved. Unfortunately,
I had to gate back to South Karana.

How is one supposed to get out of that tower?

Rest of story. (http://boards.station.sony.com/ubb/everquest/Forum4/HTML/030710.html)

Thought I jsut pass this along.