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17th October 02, 06:22 PM
Appear to be an ongoing thing to locate some of the portal to PoP.

In the pop prologue they appear to be flashing in each city and some other locations.
"..the portals in the form of stone pedestals that litter the face of Norrath’s landscape. "

According to the atlas that shipped yesterday, the portals OUT OF the Plane of Knowledge are to:
Great Divide
*Shar Vahl
Plane of Tranquility
Firiona Vie

I found one in Feerrott at pos 872 N 161 at the end of a path near Oggok.

I found one in Tox just east of Erudin.

I found one in Gfay half way between Felwithe and Newb lift to the right of the path.

one outside Qeynos was to the left (west) side of the gate.

Nexus has one. A pedastal with a book on it.
It's on the West side of the Nexus (past the Odus Portal).

And there's another outside Kaladim, in BB.

There is a stone pedestal with a book on it through the fake wall outside of freeport (The zone next to Ecommons).

Theres one in the Field of Bone. West of the Town in between town and Swamp of no Hope.

There's one in a new room in Najena as well.

There is one in Shadeweaver's Thicket outside of Shar Val.

there is one just outside the zone-in side of the OT outpost wall..forgot the /loc,lol,but it is practicallly against the wall just out of aggro range of the cliff golem

Found Rivervale/Misty thicket portal. It's at the end of the little blind path to the right when you go from the wall back to town, near the empty hut.