View Full Version : Cold Iron Bracer - Bugged 10-17

17th October 02, 05:27 PM
Appear the Cold Iron Bracer that dropped in The Warren I belive are bugged. THey are flagged as the uber loot drop that dropped in Dalnir week ago.

Old Bracer
Cold Iron Bracers
AC: +7 Magic Resist: +1
Weight: 5.0
Classes: Cleric Paladin Shadowknight Bard Warrior
Races: Dark Elf Barbarian Erudite Wood Elf High Elf Half Elf Human Vah Shir
Inventory Slot: Wrist

New Bracer

ac 250
wrist secondary
dodge 75%
75 to all stats 100 to all resists 300 to hp 300 to mana and the effect of some sort of memory blur that was out of charges
recomended skill level 55 hand to hand

Anyway long story short. There are people wearing the old bracer being killed upon login into the world. Once they get back to corpse they find they can't equip the old bracer. Appear some nice guild/GM are replacing the old Cold Iron Bracer with something similar in stats.