View Full Version : Messed up Graphic after a patch

17th October 02, 01:39 PM
One thing you can do to clean up messed up graphic such as strange texture is to try deleting the texture cache file. Extension is (TXC).

I alway prefer to check Microsoft website for latest DirectX driver. If there is a newer version of DirectX out. You will then need to upgrade your sound driver or reinstall the current driver. After that install latest video driver or current driver.

If the DirectX driver are current on your computer. Then just look to see if there a newer version of video driver.

17th October 02, 02:11 PM
I went into EQ just after the patch, and didn't seem to have messed up graphics

17th October 02, 05:06 PM

Not saying this was a bad patch. Although I am reading on several board people are having funky graphic from the 10-16 patch. The cure was clearing out the XTC cache file.

17th October 02, 07:58 PM