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17th October 02, 11:13 AM
Again, ripped from Necros-R-Us, but worth a look see. Seems we have some talented DeadCasters on other servers doing that old black magic, albiet, solo like a mo-mo!
Lemme know if any of you try this, or in half a bar of exp, I'll go with and we can try it together.


I bit ago I posted a post asking for suggestion for a challenge to give me a break from smithing and the xp grind.

I decided to attempt soloing a dragon construct from DN.

The first thing I did was zone in and trigger the trap near the zone. Then I ran back to the zone in and FD'ed. From my past attempts I knew that this was the safer way to go. Pulling him back to the pet lets him beat on you way to much, and fighting him there is deadly as well. I coned him. White(or black) so I knew that he was level 55.

I fully buffed myself, summoned the 55 hitting pet, fully buffed pet and then medded to full. I did have cleric buffs (HB and symbol) but that was the only help I had, and I could have done it without them.

I also drank my DS potion, and casted our DS spell.

I steped forward enough to aggro the Dragon and backed up to my pet. As the Dragon started pounding on me I steped closer and started trying to slow it.

After a couple resists I landed slow.

Then I started chain casting Deflux. After it hit me, I would then cast Deflux, and then it would hit me again. I slowly gained life this way.

When it droped to about 1/3 life I recasted slow till it stuck. Then I darknessed it. Then I was back to chain casting Deflux.

That was the most fun I have had in everquest in a LONG time =)

The fight lasted 3:38 seconds

I did ----- 5,999 at 27.52dps
Lekn did -- 5,602 at 25.70dps

for a total of 11,601 at 53.22dps (not bad at all for level 55 fighting a level 55 mob)

the Dragon did -- 5,238 at 26.72dps

I also healed myself 4,725hp

That was a great fight and a lot of fun.

I highly recomend any 55+ necro willing to take the chance to do this for a great solo fight =)

Many thanks to all who have done this before me, and special thanks to Infernall for recomending this fight.

now xp grinding is going to feel even worse

55 necromancer

Re: Are you 55+ and bored
I did this the other day just for hte hell of it, managed to pick up some uber crystallised sulfer to boot. Just a tip though, it seems that just because the draggy is hitting you doesnt mean that u are in mellee range, so take a few steps forward before trying to land a shackle on him. Also dont cast darkness to early or it will wear of just before he starts running and the mofo will gate back to bind or he will go jogging around DN leaving you to dash around attempting to get darkness on him again.
And if you are feeling good about yourself and have a spare 33mins duck out into WW and take down an ice burrower.

Happy hunting

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Re: Are you 55+ and bored
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Cool man, cool...
Fist, how'd it feel coming away with that conquest? I'd have to think that kicking a dragon to the curb is something that has to feel good! Grats on taking down a tuff mob that only groups can say they have done.

Now, for my next question, was the guide or did it seem that the guide was a fair example or representation of what to expect. Better than that, did it prepare you for the fight that was ahead? Was anything left out, or lacking? That, or was it a dead on stringer of the events? Reason I ask, is so we all can maybe one day give this a shot!

Thanks for telling us what you had a chance to do man, appreciate your input and hope that you'll stop by and share some stories about your travels.

Be safe,



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Re: Re: Are you 55+ and bored? Check this out... [posted 07-09-2002 @ 10:11 AM]


The guide is very accurate. Few things i can say to clarify a few points though. The reason the dragon needs to be spawned first is because he has a huge agro radius, he will agro u from zone in. First though i ran to the phase spider trap and tripped it so that i wouldnt get him as an add in the fight (spider trap is in a little niche on left hand wall, dragon trap is the dragon bones just a little further in).
On my first attempt i took a few steps forward to agro dragon and started chain casting shackle until he was in range, eventually draggy got to the point where he was beating on me, yet he still resisted three shackles. I quickly died and made another attempt at it.
Buffed up with shield of the magi, dmf, manaskin and the 25pt dmg shield from chardok rings quests, pulled a pet and hasted him, then fight was on. This time when i agrod him i waited for him to get to me and then took a few steps forward so i was under his belly, got shackle of first go. threw in a few deflux's to get my hp back up and then i darked him, few more deflux and an exile or two and he turned to run.
It was at this point my darkness ran out so the draggy took of, because of the need to be in mellee range to get spells to stick i had a hard time darking him, eventually he died but i also had two spiders chasing me, they helpfully phased me to near exit and i ducked out.
Was a fun fight and can be done by just about any necro, i have 1800hp and very average gear.

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