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Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:12 AM
Doctor Gonzo

:: Clowns to the right of me, jokers to the left here I am stuck in the middle with ... ::

AHHHH yes good tunes to go with good medication, good medication to go with the latest chapter in the never-ending saga that was the “Neverwinter Nights Hospital”.

:: reaches into the desk, plopping onto its top a half empty bottle of Mescal ::

Thus, I bring you the Cazic Thule Hospital.

You see I had tried to find Doctor Dumpers. Honestly I had tried. After much effort a private investigator finally located him selling mixed drinks with little umbrellas to tourists on the northern shores of Aruba. Though he reportedly gives anyone displaying the secret Gonzo handshake a discount he attacked the investigator with a wooden club at the very mention of my name.

:: opens the kit bag, pulling forth a handful of multi-colored pills ::

I knew it was hopeless, Dumpers had finally gone over the edge. We all go there eventually, hell I’ll be there someday and any of you that walk this foolish path will be as well.

:: munches pills, quaffing them down with Mescal ::


Damn this medical profession, DAMNIT! This, this, this calling if you will.

I had pondered the awful task at hand while walking the beaches of Northern Ro, hungover and still catching tracers from that awful drug Caym gave me the night before.

‘Shit, couldn’t the fucker score something a little less pure next time,’ I thought as I stopped to gag, doing the big spit once more while the waves lapped at my feet. And why the hell had Steps given me all these goddamn playing cards with naked ogre chicks on them? Was there a message there, was it in code? Was he telling me to meet him in Ogre country for the ‘big score’ or was it something more akin too deadcaster talk for, ‘a drunk human rogue just gave me a ton of plat for a bunch of worthless cards’?

It was then though that I realized what I had too do. Right there while I was tossing on the beach turning the sand into hues of green, purple and a lot of yellow.

:: fumbles into the desk pulling out a six-pack of bud, three beers short ::

It was then that I realized the hospital had to be resurrected.

I asked Derreck if he had any ideas but he replied with something like, “she’s a flirt, I know that much.”

The bastards! They had gotten to him too.

Yes it was obvious. We needed a massive impatient facility, with a mental wing bigger, more modern and certainly with more pharmaceuticals then Neverwinter Nights had ever seen. I had hoped, against hope, that Doctor Dumpers would head up the facility but judging by the fact that the private investigator in my employ was still learning how to walk again, I would have to go it alone.

:: Pops the top on a can of bud, sending foam spewing into the air and across the desk ::

That’s why I did it.

:: Slams most of the lukewarm Budweiser ::

You see it’s the very FATE of Cazic Thule Tavern on the table here! It’s a thready heartbeat and Energizer standing over the body with a sharp knife and a “who farted” look on his face away from a total meltdown.

Yes, invasive surgery MAY be needed.

It’s a combination of things you see, it’s like this, or sorta like this and if it’s NOT like this you can always put the blame squarely on Riddeck and Phleg who are normally to blame unless they are not to blame in which case, blame Joen00b.

It’s Kela, the evil mage, breeding an army of horney, pimplefaced teenage boys to do her evil bidding. They MUST be stopped, or at least made to work for me.

It’s Sitheray, who has mutated into Sitheray verson 1.0. What sort of sick disease had caused this bit of sickness. Someone is needed, right this minute, to study his molecular structure. To determine why he is mutating. Was it the odd moon rays from Lucin? If so, could we bottle and sell it?

It’s Phrack. Oh yes it IS Phrack. Let me just quote something of Phracks that while having no bearing on the topic at hand and being completely out of context, illiterates how sick this man has become, “It was me who yelled, ‘Now’”. I think you can see for yourself, from that simple quote, he’s a sick man in need of medical attention.

Fyrestarter figures into this somewhere and I think you ALL know exactly where that somewhere is. If you don’t know, and hell I admit I don’t, ask Donnely, he knows. If Donnely don’t know check your PM’s cause he and I just sent you one explaining the whole goddamn mess.

:: drinks more warm foamy bud ::

But it’s deeper then even that. There is Synorza who had mutated into a creature able to attack man and beast with her toes and Cieyna who can ....

... well let’s not discuss what she can do, ummmmm doctor patient confidentiality and hon if you are reading this I’ll bring the nun costume and the paddle to our next session, please don’t forget the feather boa and the baby oil.

:: Tosses the empty can of bud aside, ripping the top of the next, drinking deeply ::

It’s the least that I can do, and I mean that. It’s the absolute least I can do. Now it is up too you. I need a staff. Someone to head up the inpatient wing, someone to walk the halls with clipboards, someone to talk on the intercom when we aren’t using it too taunt Diggler and someone, who is in my pocket, to run the pharmacy.

I need a staff!

::: Pulls out more pills, munching them while washing it down with lukewarm bud :::

Yes a staff.

I need a staff to take over these boards. Err rather I need a staff to SAVE these boards from chaos and anarchy. I need Ouden too move his Panzer divisions into France. I need Shortee to tell us why Ouden did that. I need Akashasky to wear a sexy nurses’ outfit and be my personal assistant. DAMNIT I NEED Yhara to make statements about the whole bloody thing. I need Kwill to wear a french maid’s costume and ‘clean my office’ when Akashasky isn’t looking.

I need YOU, dear member of Cazic Thule, to assist and protect what’s left of this dear, ugly, sweet, vile haven we call home.

Doctor “Nakky was not harmed in the making of this post” Gonzo

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:13 AM

what the hell..evil [email protected][email protected]! Do not confuse me with lowly mages. They suck ass.

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:13 AM
Doctor Gonzo

You see Kela, its only through THERAPY, such as this that we are going to 'resolve' the issue at hand.

And right now the issue at hand is my finding more beer to go with these pills.

:: digs into satchel, pulling out more pills ::

Now for the beer

:: searches desk top littered with cans for one with liquid still in it, Swigging it down with a multitude of pills ::

You see after reviewing your 'file' I can say without a doubt you are suffering from a case of ...

Class envy.

Yes, dont fight it Kela. Its a CLEAR case of CLASS envy.

With several months of therapy, intensive medication for both of us and with help from the ...

:: Slams rest of beer ::


:: Tosses empty can over shoulder :

we can get through this awful, awful time.

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:14 AM

Yes, yes. You are familiar with a certain Ranger?

:: Walks through the door, sits at the opposing desk, sets down an oversized bookbag gently ::

He goes by the name of Derreck Smallberries. I believe the two of you are married? You really should bring him in for some help from the Doc and I.

:: Pulls a water pipe out of the bookbag and starts pulling out desk drawers looking for something ::

I believe he suffers from the aforementioned affliction that pervades you as well - class envy. Well documented illness I must say. Verant has millions of complaints logged.

:: finds what he was looking for, a bowl piece and and some pills, swallows the pills rather quickly ::

You see, it has to deal with the uniqueness of the individual. Thats how we derive their treatment. Speaking of treatments, my glaucoma is actin' up.

: pulls a bong hit ::


Anyway, bring your husband by sometime soon so we can start the therapy.

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:14 AM

Doctor Gonzo, I need your help! Somethings wrong and I dont know what! :(

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:15 AM
Doctor Gonzo

:: Sweeps the clutter of empty beer cans, Cigarette butts, newspaper and pot seeds off the desk, setting a fresh six pack utop it from inside the desk ::

Yes, it's as I suspected, or at least its as I think it is as I suspected. I have to wait for the lab report, they have a bit of a backlog unfortunely with that order Nakiko I placed, but still even without it, its as my estimed college Nakky put it.

Class envy.

:: rips the top off another bud, drinking from the can ::

We're going to need Mr. Smallberries here I can tell you, for these 'sessions' to even have half a chance of sucess, we'll need to cut him open, err we'll need to talk with him as well.

:: Eats another handfull of pills ::

Until that time Kela I can however recommend the 'proper' medication. Just see Mr. Nakiko so he can 'fill' your prescription. Oh and if you don't mind could you ask him to pass the bottle of mescal back this way someday soon?

Yours in god,
Doctor Gonzo

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:15 AM
Doctor Gonzo

WitchStorm m'love the problem is PAINFULLY obvious to me and well to everyone here I would hope.

Its that you're naked. Yes, I know child, I know. It shocked me too. Being naked is one thing but running naked it quiet another.

What you have is a disorder we medical professionals call "Ain't got no damned clothes on".

Unfortunely there is no cure, only therapy involving me, you and a bottle of warmed baby oil.

Oh yes and some 'medicine' ... medicine fo the soul of course

:: Hands witchStorm a handfull of pills ::

Now take these dear girl, yes borrow my beer, hell take a fresh beer if you like, and you will be passed out ... err feeling a lot better very shortly.

Doctor Gonzo

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:16 AM

I dont like beer :~(


Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:16 AM

:: Hands Veldriss a bottle of mescal ::

Here, take a gulp of this, puts anything down. No, not all of it, pass it to Gonzo, its his bottle.

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:17 AM
Doctor Gonzo

:: Reaches for another beer ::

Don't like beer? Christ that maybe a sympton of the 'total disease'

No matter.

Mescal perhaps? Vodka? How about some Grappa? Ether? Wait forget that last one.

I dunno if the cafe is open yet, but if so maybe we can get Nakiko to fix up some sort of mixed chicky drink, you know something with fruit in it?

Anything at all love to 'ease the pain', anything at all.


Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:17 AM

All I have to say here is "PiiiiiiiincH"!!!

oh yeah, and "the medical bill remittance is IN THE MAIL"!

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:18 AM

-=runs in with a tray of mixed drinks, all full of paper umbrellas, fruit skewered on plastic swords and one of those flaming tiki drinks with a scowling face on the side=-

Someone ordered these?

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:18 AM
Doctor Gonzo

Not a moment too soon love, not one single solitary moment too soon.

:: reaches for one with a paper umbrella in it ::

See if the mutant chick can pick it up with her toes.

And for the love of GOD someone close the door, the goddamn bats will get in again.

:: Takes a long swig ::

Anything ailing you by the way Kiko? You feeling okay sweets? I hear the ear problem is well ...

:: looks around nerveously ::

Nevermind what I heard about your 'ears'

But I have medicine, plenty of 'medicine' if there is. What I don't have Nakiko does, or did if he didn't use it already and if he has we surely have more.



Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:19 AM

-=unpacks a seltzer bottle clearly marked "BAT REPELLANT"=-

That should help a bit. Now, we'll start the metatarsal dexterity test, can you pick up the blue umbrella with your right foot?

:: while Syn is twirling various umbrellas between her toes::

What's this about my ears? My ears are fine, let me test yours.... -=whispers in Doc's ear while mixing another drink=-

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:27 AM

For the love of all that is holy, unhand me!

::Enters, "escorted" by two men in white coats::

Doctor, ah... Gonzo, is it? I'll have you know, my lawyers will hear AAAAALLL about this!

Dear god!

::turns white::

My wife! A-ah-and my ex-wife?! Just what the hell is going on here, sir?! I'm taken from the middle of a meeting by your trained apes, and brought to some sort of sick orgy, where the nurses are running around with umbrella drinks and the surgeon appears to be taking bong rips!

::raises an eybrow::

Is that mezcal?

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:27 AM

-=still whispering in Doc's ear, pours Derreck a double=-

Would you like that on the rocks or with a twist, Mr. Smallberries?

-=finishes checking Doc's hearing=-

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:28 AM

Kiko! I know you have something..potent for me!

:: Takes the flaming drink with the scowly face and knocks it back in one go::

Doctor Gonzo. My problem is not that IM naked, its that I keep picturing EVERYONE ELSE with their clothes off. Its really starting to affect my interaction with people!

:: Bites the fruit from a little plastic sword and makes small stabbing motions ::

What can I possibly do?

:: Looks at Kiko and blinks rapidly before averting her eyes ::

Nother flaming scowly thing please...this time- just bring me the little sword without the fruit.

Derreck..what the HELL are you doing here..and damn..you've.. shrunk lately..

:: Blinks ::

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:28 AM
Doctor Gonzo

:: eyes get wide while looking at Kiko::

I'm going to have to schedule you for some private consultation, mmmmmmm yes Lordy yes.

Going to need a FULL work up on this one, a good 'going over' if you get my meaning. Hot tub therapy I call it. With a fully body mineral oil rub down, for me, and many many many a follow on visit. Can your insurance handle that kind of torque Kiko?

:: drinks deeply from another can of bud ::

Now Derreck, Mr. Smallberries I see that ....

:: listens ::

Yeah its mescal ... what need some?

:: drinks deeply, passing the bottle too Derreck ::

It's Kela sir, yes, yes, yes, we're all very sad to have too tell you this but we think she maybe a mage trapped in a wizard's body.

Also known as Class Envy.

But NOT too worry, oh no.

:: Reaches for Nakiko's bong taking a long hit before drinking more of Kiko's mixed madness ::

MMMMM lord ... dear god.

But don’t fear you see there IS hope. Oh yes there is always hope. We, and by we I mean I, feel that with sustained electroshock therapy and a lot of medication, for me, she can be cured of this awful, sick, sad, yet kind of amusing disease.

:: hands Derreck a small pile of pills ::

Now take a bunch of these every hour on the hour with plenty of Mescal, give some to Kela too if you can remember.

:: eats a few more pills while looking wildly about for his fly swatter ::

Now do you know anything about bat extermination?


Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:29 AM

Kela hears the news that shes a mage....and promptly falls over and dies.

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:29 AM

:: blinks ::

It's funny, yanno..but that dead chick was the only one who WASNT naked..

Can we move her on out of here? She's makin me nervous.

:: twitches ::

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:29 AM
Doctor Gonzo

WitchStorm my dear girl, this is worse then I thought.

And to be 100% honest I hadn't thought much about it at all until now when I realized you are seeing me naked, with Kiko whispering in my ear about

:: Drinks nerveously from the beer, waving the fly swatter around a bit ::


Damn these creatures.

But you know WitchStorm I had the exact same problem once, while visiting a nude beach around Oasis.

I mean its NOT so bad if your visiting Woodelf city or say Qeynos but damn girl stay away from Grobb is my advice.

:: Drinks more of Kiko bloody mary ::

Perhaps if you envisioned more along the lines Shorty or Diggler with their 'tackle out' it would 'improve' the situation.

And, is it true about Hill Giants? I was always curious about that.


"Is there a priest in this tavern? I want to confess, I'm a sinner lord, moral, carnal, venal Jesus I'm guilty,"
Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:30 AM

*coughs trying to be professional during the exam*

Later, Doctor! The patients first, aye?

Witchstorm, do we ALL look that way to you? I wonder what would happen if..

-=before Veldriss can answer Kela comes in to hear her diagnosis and keels over=-

DOCTOR! We have a code blue!

-=Doc responds by trying to take as many blue pills as he can with a curacao chaser=-

No, Doc! We must SAVE this woman!!

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:30 AM
Doctor Gonzo

I'm going to need a number 4 needle with a IV line of Gin and Tonics, just stick the needle end in my mouth and be sure too apply pressure too the bag to maintain a constant stream!

Umm what to do, what do to, what to do.

:: Flips open medical encyclopedia too page 553 ::

Ahh here it is, 'when a patient dies on a message board due to the belief they are a mage and not really a wizzy after all its important that everyone panic'


::continues to read:

'once panic has been established be sure to repeat into the dead person's ear very loudly 'YOU ARE NOT A MAGE, YOU ARE NOT A MAGE!' if this fails harvest the kidneys to sell on the black market' Err forget that last part.

:: takes a deep breath, and a deeper drink from the IV ::

Here goes, god I hate this part of the medical profession

:p ends down to Kela's ear ::



Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:30 AM

-=fixes up the IV with a purple bendy straw, since she remembers LAST time Doc bit too hard on the needle=-

You all heard the Doc! Start screaming or we're going to lose her!

You're NOT a Mage! You're NOT a Mage!

Am I a Mage??

-=points finger at one of the bats=-

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:31 AM

:: twitches ::



:: shudders some more ::


:: shivers ::

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:31 AM
Doctor Gonzo

:: with panic finally fully established, Turns back to fondle kiko err too his drink ::

It's all in the hands of God now.

I just hope we've done enough. I mean it occurs to me I could actually DO enough but its MUCH easier to hope we've done enough.

:: Takes another hit from Nakiko's pipe ::

Come on little mage, or little wizzy ... you can do it. Don't die.

Now where is the ether at?

(ooc Its LATE here and I got a bit of a drive, catch you all on the AM euro time /salute )

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:32 AM

Easy, Veldriss, we'll get you some pie. -=hands her another flaming tiki drink with extra swords=-

-=Turning around notices where Doc's hands end up=-

Hands of God, eh? Close, darlin' pretty close.

-=notices that happy glazed look in Doc's eyes=-

Oh, no, he's found the ether again! We may be on our own for a while, people. Then again, that may be your best chance of recovery!

(ooc, I haven't had this much fun in a LONG time! Thanks all, Looking forward to lots more!)

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:32 AM
Bonecrusha Smashgud

:: Wanders in naked and holding a beer ::

someone order a doctor?!

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:32 AM

Aye! It seems Doc Gonzo.. ah.. he needs a second opinion on these cases.

What do you recommend?

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:33 AM
Bonecrusha Smashgud

:: looks at the body on the floor ::

Well from my personal experience it appears that this lady needs another beer for sure.

:: puts two tylenol in Kela's palm ::

take two of these and call me in the morning!

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:33 AM

::Finishes his mezcal::

Dear GOD man, put some clothes on!

::kicks Veldriss::

And stop picturing me naked!

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:34 AM

The good Doctor is blissfully etherbound...
A large gentlemen has prescribed tylenol to a critical patient...
Kiko sees no other option but...

Doctor Nakiko! All of these patients need emergency respiratory therapy!! Let me check the dosage first!

-=takes a nice draw on the waterpipe=-
-=looking up at the large newcomer=-

Sir, ARE you a doctor? I may need to go to the bar for another round. Mister Smallberries, it's time for another dose.

-=refills Derreck's glass and then hands him the bottle=-

Hurricane Aegien
17th October 02, 04:34 AM

What's all this stuff about blaming this and that hoohaa, bruhaha stuff!!

-=waves his mallet menacingly about his head=-

Don't make me have to use this!!

-=sets down his backpack and produces forth a watermelon with a cork in the side=-

Who's up for some Fruit of the Gods?

17th October 02, 09:22 AM
-=looks at the fruit bearing stranger=-

You're a specialist, aren't you? Thank the gods! We've got some serious cases in here....

17th October 02, 11:31 AM
:: Stabs one of her little swords into n00bs watermelon and makes it leak ::


:: Twitches some more ::

Kiko! More drink!

17th October 02, 12:18 PM
*knocks timidly*

Hello? Hello?

Kiko! Is the Doc in? I heard the hospital is in desperate need of staff.

Yes, I know I've been a.... erm... patient here before. I was hoping that wouldn't be a problem.

*looks arond*

I was thinking, maybe you need more nurses? I'd like to help, if I could.

Doctor Gonzo
17th October 02, 12:37 PM
:: Eats a few more pills ::

Yes Cienya, we ARE in need of additional medical attention, rather we are in need of additional medical staff.

:: swills more beer ::

Do you have any 'qualifications, a sexy nurse's outfit perhaps?

:: Knocks over several half full beers on the desk, upsetting the one in hand as well spraying most of the occupants with warm beer foam ::

GODDAMNIT ... who the hell let in all these miniture Phracks?

:: Grabs Kiko's selzer bottle and starts to spray the room in a wild manner ::

JESUS CREEPING GOD there's one now ON Joen00b's LEGS!

:: Hoses down Joe and his mallet ::

Christ they're everywhere, this one here is flaming my foot!


:: begans to spray self with selzer ::

and SOMEONE is feeding drinks too these goddamn animals ...

:: continues spraying until the bottle runs out ::

Oh we need more medical personnel Cieyna, Oh yes

:: eats more pills ::

VOLUME! CLARITY! BASE For the love of GOD ...

17th October 02, 12:53 PM

*jumps as Doc starts spraying the room with the seltzer bottle, and waving his flyswatter about.*

Why yes, I...

*ducks from Joe's mallet as it comes swinging near her head*

...have plenty of...

*steps aside as Kiko rushes from the room to get a fresh seltzer bottle for the Doc*

...those. In fact, I think I have enough Nurse's outfits so that I can wear a different one each day for an entire month, at least. I even brought one with me, in case you were in such dire need of help that you needed me to start today.

And from the looks of things, I'm starting to think that was a really good idea.

*eyes falling on the half-empty try of drinks, walks over and picks up one of the larger glasses*

17th October 02, 05:28 PM
:: Blinks at Cienya ::

I want a nurse outfit. :(

17th October 02, 06:56 PM
Was the Seltzer bath really necessary? I do have my mallet after all....

17th October 02, 07:57 PM
*walks in and raises an eyebrow at them all*

18th October 02, 02:57 PM
*looks at Veldriss with a shocked expression*

You mean to tell me you don't have one?

*takes her pulse*
*looks into her eyes*
*gets a popsicle stick*
open your mouth and say "aah"

It's just as I expected. Doctor, this is an emergency! This woman's condition is very serious and highly contagious, and can only be cured by an extensive shopping trip. To assure that she makes a quick and full recovery, I'm requesting to accompaly her, at my own risk of contracting this terrible disease.

*looks back at her patient*

No time to waste! Let's get started.

18th October 02, 03:16 PM
:: Blinks at Cienya ::

No..I never had a nurses uniform. :(

:: *aahs* ::

Do you really think shopping is the answer Cienya?

:: Grins to herself ::

Oh DERRECK.. $$$...

21st October 02, 04:23 PM
Do I think shopping is the answer?

...no, I know shopping is the answer. Not only is it the answer, but also the ONLY cure.

We've gotta hurry though. No telling what kind of things would happen if this infection is given a chance to spread!

22nd October 02, 07:44 AM
-=wakes up from an unexplained lapse, probably caused by an errant whiff of ether=-

Aye, shopping might do it. Make sure you hit the hospital gift shop first!!

Oh, Doc, you're out of seltz- er.. BAT REPELLANT! Let me go grab some more.. I'll only be a moment...

-=rushes out and down the block to the...


14th November 02, 04:13 AM
*reaches for the door to the hospital, only to be knocked aside as Cienya and Veldriss blast out of the door in a cloud of bong smoke*

*walks inside, the front doors to the holspital now off their hindges*

Anybody home? I can't see a damn thing in here with all the smoke! This is a hospital... Right?

I have a overnight delivery for a Doc. Gonzo, anyone by that name work here?

*Sets the large box down on the floor, the sound of hundreds of pills rattling withing*

Someone gonna sign for this?

Yiktin Voxbane
15th November 02, 10:54 PM
* Walks in, Stethescope in Hand , Nekkid as a Jaybird *

Anyone seen My Clothes, I have a Sneaking suspicion the bats have something to do with the bats...

Last thing I remeber Was Swallowing 5 condoms of Something marked "For Doc" , Now I find meself Buff and feeling......Violated..

=Goes off to play Doctor=

16th November 02, 04:57 AM
*Chokes in her flamy-swordy-drinky*


I'm terrified. Can I get a new..stronger drink pls Kiko? :(

16th November 02, 07:57 AM
-=rushes in just in time to hear the latest crises=-

Hmm.. something stronger?

-=sprays some seltzer into a glass=-

You better have some 'bat repellant'. No need to take chances with the recent infestation, or you might end up like him -=points to Yiktin=-

Yiktin Voxbane
16th November 02, 10:40 AM
They Jiggle.....They Jiggle.........

And I've been listening to My Heart, thru this Contraption, A rock steady 8 bar blues, just Like Normal.

Cheque Please !

19th February 03, 12:48 AM

Help me, Doc, I can't sleep.. my mind keeps racing and I can't seem to do better than place or show...

DOC! I need a sedagive..

19th February 03, 03:09 PM
-=runs in, thumps Kiko in the head with a big wooden stick, and runs back out just as quick=-

That outta knock ya cold. If it doesn't, I'm in trouble.

Veldriss, Cienya, and Kiko in nurses' uniforms... Mmmm... :D

20th February 03, 05:48 AM
*squirts Shroomed with Bat Repellant*

I wasn't TALKING to you!

USHER! This man's annoying me!!!

31st July 03, 07:24 PM
Doc! We're out of bat repellant!

-=looks around=-

We're out of Doc!!!

Yiktin Voxbane
4th August 03, 11:11 AM
Paging Doctor Doc.....Paging Doctor Doc