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16th October 02, 03:49 PM
BBQ Sauce is the best McNugget sauce. I like to dip my fries in it as well.

16th October 02, 03:53 PM
Hmmm, it won't allow me to delete it. It was meant to be a reply to the nugget thread.

16th October 02, 05:10 PM
humm this linked to front page?

16th October 02, 05:11 PM
The whole forum? Yea, it is... that'll change though.

16th October 02, 05:11 PM
lol guess not

16th October 02, 05:12 PM
I meant for this quick reply thing at bottom.

16th October 02, 05:13 PM
Hehe, no just for the thread you are viewing.

16th October 02, 05:46 PM
Everyone knows that Honey Mustard is the best

16th October 02, 06:09 PM
The board's first post-count raiser thread! WEEE! :D

17th October 02, 12:01 AM
this new quick reply thing is pretty awesome, I must admit

17th October 02, 12:06 AM
Kat's cat pic is too big...I demand satisfaction!

17th October 02, 12:37 AM

17th October 02, 12:38 AM
That'll do Kat...that'll do

17th October 02, 12:59 AM
ok Shrek

Shorrtee McHeals
21st October 02, 12:56 AM
Honey BBQ Sauce > all

21st October 02, 02:05 AM
McNuggets are made outta last weeks news paper anyway... I have to agrree though... honey BBQ is the best

Cake in the Oven
21st October 02, 02:09 AM
i guess i'm the only one that likes sweet n sour

Yiktin Voxbane
21st October 02, 02:56 AM
I Like Ponies

21st October 02, 07:44 AM
You actually eat at McDonalds? /shudder

21st October 02, 09:13 AM
You guys are all wrong, the best sauce is the Hot mustard.

21st October 02, 09:19 AM
Straight Honey Owns All

21st October 02, 11:48 AM
I take back any previous comment I may have made... Allroy definetely has the best Avatar in my book.

Nuggets? Mmmm, Ketchup.

Honey Mustard is crap.

21st October 02, 11:51 AM
hot mustard > all >p

/agree Fano ... that avatar kicks ass;x literally


21st October 02, 11:54 AM
Originally posted by Alishae
"Some people are only alive because it's illegal to kill."

Actually, this is why everyone is alive. I have no doubt that there are many people in the world who, if it were legal, would be perfectly happy killing everyone and being the last human on earth; and what's more sad? Some of them probably visit these boards. :headwall:

Shorrtee McHeals
21st October 02, 12:14 PM
I was talking about Honey BBQ Sauce from KFC. :(

21st October 02, 12:21 PM
Guess I should change it to read My ex-boyfriend is only alive because it's illegal to kill? He'd cry though, then that would be ugly, sides if I generalize then I can't incriminate myself. :(

21st October 02, 04:57 PM
sweet n sour
straight up honey.


21st October 02, 11:14 PM

Shorrtee McHeals
21st October 02, 11:27 PM
I dont like honey, I'm sweet enough already. :(

22nd October 02, 04:50 AM
Oh, please Shorttee. :\ There's not a soul here that buys that.

22nd October 02, 02:29 PM
Ketchup is where it's at.

On the subject of McNuggets, I've been studying them for years now. :( There seems to be an average of 3 "edible" McNuggets out of every 6 pack. Edible meaning, truly white meat. The other 3 tend to be varying levels of puss. There's no way to tell which McNuggets are which from their exterior, though round ones seem to have a higher instance of suckness to them.

22nd October 02, 02:55 PM
I like ht mustard best!

You are griped in agony!
an_egg_roll_01 hits YOU for 2,444 points of non-melee damage!

But as for hot mustard, the kind that you get in chinese take out places is the best. You know the one in the clear package with the animal on the front? (I forget what animal, chicken?)

29th January 09, 04:35 PM
God dammit NOB, now I feel elipson's hate.

29th January 09, 04:42 PM
BBQ Sauce is the best McNugget sauce. I like to dip my fries in it as well.

You know who else likes fried chicken?

Dagon Akujin
29th January 09, 10:17 PM
Since this is now in NOM NOM NOM I totally thought it was going to be about earning your red wings.

29th January 09, 10:25 PM
You know who else likes fried chicken?

Ha, so much for downinit's name change, eh? Go back far enough and there are still threads that I started listed as created by sfe.