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26th May 03, 12:02 AM
I just read this article in a Cuban magazine. I'm posting this here..I want to hear some feedback. I know that most don't agree, I don't agree myself with some points...maybe. Note:Sorry if any error or typo in the translation.


Bush resorts to Hollywood to improve its image
A team of producers and technicians chooses the scenes, the angles and the scenery in all its interventions


NEW YORK. - Fulfilled mission. George W. Bush already has the head put in the elections of 2004 - he filled up formally the papers yesterday and their advisers have found him slogan to the measurement. Fulfilled mission. We saw writing it in the control tower of the aircraft carrier, fulfilled Mission, and we will return it to see time and time again during next the 18 months.

When I listened to the speech of the President in the cover of the Abraham Lincoln and saw the placard of fulfilled Mission behind, it came to my mind the announcements from tobacco. Remember the democratic Senator Robert Byrd? He resisted to believe it, but there it was: the President was using an aircraft carrier as advertising vehicle for his own political interests.

The Byrd veteran, in opposition to the war of Iraq, embarked in a tapeworm and quixotic fight against the demolishing mills of the Bush Administration, was first in denouncing the assembly of the aircraft carrier.

Byrd has accused the President of unnecessarily waste of a million dollars with its spectacular landing (the aircraft carrier was 50 kilometers off the coast, a helicopter trip), but that has left in evidence the plot that surrounds the President, halfway between a study of television and a traveling overproduction of Hollywood.

The New York Times confirmed yesterday with full name which all we knew: Bush counts on an equipment of producers, the subliminal cameras and illuminators who choose the scenes, the angles, the scenery conscientiously, full set of extras and messages that accompany to all and each by one by the presidential interventions.

Clinton trusted his telegenia to get the message to the people, and Reagan leaned in his experience as actor to remove the greater possible party of their dowries from great signaller. Bush, already it's knows, likes to work in equipment...

The encounter with Aznar
The scripts of Bush Productions write their adviser for all Karl Rove. It supervises to the cojar the director of Communications of the White House, Give Bartlett. Of the election of scenes and the incursion of subliminal messages Scott Sforza, ex- producer of the ABC chain is in charge. The NBC has lent him a camera, Bob DeServi, considered like an authentic teacher of illumination. In fact, Sforza and DeServi fixed the encounter that Bush maintained with Aznar the last week in the White House: they at heart located the illumination of the elegant hall Grand Foyer. The scene was decorated with a elegant bouquet of flowers cream color.

The third man of the equipment of Bush, Greg Jenkins, tanned itself in the patriotic Fox News and now he is in charge to travel before the presidential routine, with a small group of experts who prepare the scenery, select the angles, recruit the actors and try the presidential speeches hours before, to see how they give in the camera.

We paid a particular attention to what the President says, also to what the Americans see, it recognizes the The New York Times's Dan Bartlett. The Americans are very occupied and not always they have the opportunity to see all the transmission. But if they are able to include/understand what it is saying in 60 seconds, then we will have fulfilled our objective.

Fulfilled mission. The placard arrived to the aircraft carrier with the producer Scott Sforza, days before the President landed. Sforza organized and practiced the crew as if almost were one choreography, and of course he was in charge that women, hispanic and black were present in the group that gave the welcome.
The hour chosen for the shooting was the one of the twilight, that as much praises the protagonists. The message was the same that Bush was repeating all the week (are finished the combats in Iraq?), but what counted was the first and the last image. Fulfilled mission.

Its first great success of image was shortly after 9/11, when they let Bush climb to the rubbish mountain with a fireman and they put a loudspeaker in his hands. Another one of the obtained scenes was when they placed him in an angle in front of the statues of Mount Rushmore, as if its profile was carved as the fifth President.

There are occasions in which the President has to look more to the height of the common citizen. It happened this week, when Bush sold its cut plan of taxes in Indianapolis: the experts in image of the White House requested to the numerous extras to took off the neckties so that they look as regular American citizens walking by the neighborhood.

"We're pawns in this game."